10-Minute Workouts (or Less!) That You Can Do at Home

Young woman doing a side-plank

We all know those busy days when fitting in a workout seems absolutely impossible. You might find yourself thinking, “How in the world am I ever going to find 40-60 minutes today to get to the gym for a workout?” Well, first of all, if you work out at a level that is intense for you, you don’t need 40-60 minutes in order to get in an incredibly effective workout. Second, there are so many amazing benefits of bodyweight training, you don’t even need a gym or any equipment. Here are five workouts from the Runtastic Fitness Channel that you can do at home in less than 10 minutes!

1. 7-Minute HIIT for Summer

New to HIIT and not sure if it’s for you? Then, this is the perfect total-body workout for you to try and you can get it done in less than 10 minutes. Don’t let the duration fool you, this workout is a real burner and will have you working up a sweat. Bonus? No gym needed! You can challenge your entire body using only bodyweight exercises. This workout is designed to strengthen your muscles, get your heart pumping and will have you burning tons of calories for the rest of the day.

2. 4-Minute Total Body Tabata


Two moves, four minutes… are you in? Join me for a real-time workout you can do at home, in your hotel room or even outside in the sunshine. I am right there to motivate you through the entire 4-minute workout and, if you’re feeling mighty, you can repeat the workout for a second time while still keeping your workout duration under 10 minutes. Pretty cool, right?

3. Road Warrior Workout Part 2
You are in charge of the duration of this workout. I give you five exercises, set up in a repetition-based pyramid, and your job is to complete as many rounds as you possibly can in the given duration. So, whether you have five, eight or 10 minutes (or less!), set your timer and go for it. This workout is the perfect morning jumpstart when you’re traveling for business and want to get pumped up for your meeting or presentation – trust me, I’ve done it!

4. 3-Minute Bikini Booty Workout

Does your backside need a lift for swimsuit season? Then here’s the perfect workout to get your tush sexy and toned. I’ve received a lot of comments from viewers on this video about how much it burns after only three minutes. And, if you want to give your booty some extra lovin’, feel free to repeat the workout two or three times! Remember, your muscles need rest and recovery in order to respond to your training. So, if you want to do this workout more than once a week, be sure it’s on non-consecutive days so those glutes get a chance for recovery.

5. 6-Minute Abs Workout for Your Six Pack


The ladies get some eye candy in this video because I am joined by the model from our Results app, Sven Friedrich. We’ve got six challenging moves for you that will surely set your abs on fire…burn baby, burn! This is perfect for after a run or bike ride when you just want a little bit extra. Can you do all six exercises for one minute each without a pause? Try it out today.

So, what do you say? Do you think you can find 10 minutes or less to try out some of these workouts? I definitely think you can.

Since these workouts are short, they have to be done at a level that is intense for YOU! Everyone is different, so you must make sure you are pushing your own limits and getting out of that comfort zone. This doesn’t mean texting your friend or watching TV while simultaneously training. This means focused, concentrated and meaningful movement so you can whip your body into shape for summer.

Which workout was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. And, don’t forget to subscribe to the Runtastic Fitness Channel for more FREE weekly workouts, healthy recipes and lifestyle tips to fuel your active and awesome life.


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