The 10 Biggest Weight Loss Myths Revealed

There are many myths about weight loss out there.  We’ve compiled a list of the 10 most interesting weight loss myths for you.  Read on, take notes and happy trails on your journey to healthy weight management!

Weight Loss Myth 1: Carbohydrates make you fat

Weight Loss Myth 1:  Carbohydrates make you fat
Carbohydrates alone won’t make you fat – if you stick to the complex variety (brown rice, whole grain pasta, sweet potatoes, quinoa, legumes, etc.) and enjoy them in reasonable quantities. It’s the preparation method that counts.  Pasta, rice, potatoes and so on are usually accompanied by sauces high in calories or prepared with lots of fat.  This is the actual reason for rising numbers on your scale.

Pssst:  Boiled potatoes contain five times fewer calories than the same amount of pasta!

Weight Loss Myth 2:  We eat less sweets when they are mini-sized
We actually devour around 30% MORE of mini-sized treats.  The smaller portions literally encourage us to eat them!

Pssst:  Normal-sized packages are better for both your figure and the environment.

Fat is unhealthy? What counts here is quality and quantity.

Weight Loss Myth 3:  Fat is unhealthy
What counts here is quality and quantity.  A certain amount of fat is vital. However, no matter whether they are good or bad – too much fat will be reflected in your weight.

Pssst:  Choose fats from fish, nuts or avocados.

Weight Loss Myth 4:  Laxatives make you slim
Laxatives do not lead to sustainable, long-term weight loss.  They just increase water excretion. As a consequence, your weight will drop temporarily.

Pssst: The regular intake of laxatives makes your intestines sluggish and lazy.

Weight Loss Myth 5:  Skipping breakfast saves calories
Skipping breakfast in the morning increases the likelihood for you to choose food high in calories during the day. Breakfast is fuel for your body that keeps you energized throughout the entire day. Plus, a meal in the morning regulates appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin and prevents a ravenous appetite.

Pssst:  By the way, your metabolism is most active in the morning!

Weight Loss Myth 6:  Alcohol stimulates fat burning
Alcohol slows down digestion and promotes the storage of fat.  In order to get rid of the alcohol as soon as possible, our body starts breaking it down immediately.  In the meantime, the digestion of carbohydrates, fat and proteins is put on hold.  This process is the ideal opportunity for fat to settle in your fat deposits.

Pssst:  Omit the post-meal cordial or dessert wine and go for a walk instead.

Breakfast is considered fuel for our body, it keeps you fit throughout the day.

Weight Loss Myth 7:  By doing without familiar foods, you’ll lose sustainable weight
Weight loss is not accelerated by strictly forbidding certain food.  If you cross off habitual products from your diet, you’ll automatically find substitutes and possibly eat more of other things.  Plus, forbidden food is especially tempting and we often can’t resist!

Pssst:  Moderation is the name of the game.

Weight Loss Myth 8:  Fasting makes fat melt away
Several days without food is like famine to our body.  The only weight we lose is from lost water and muscle mass.  What’s more?  Our body clings to fat deposits to prepare for a long famine.  Not ideal.

Pssst:  Extended fasting cures are stressful for our body and therefore not a suggested option for sustainable weight loss.

Weight Loss Myth 9:  We eat bigger portions when using small plates
Small plates make our meals seem bigger.  When using small plates, we feel full sooner and automatically eat less.

Pssst:  The same is true for small forks and spoons.  They hold less food and, therefore, less food finds its way into your mouth.  Magic!

weight loss myths

Weight Loss Myth 10:  Alcohol is low in calories
1 g of alcohol has seven calories, whereas 1 g of fat has nine. Ouch! Therefore, the calories contained inliters of beer correspond to a full meal.

Pssst:  The less alcohol you drink, the better for your figure.


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