10,000 Steps a Day: 7 Simple Ways to Get More Exercise

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The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends walking about 10,000 steps a day. While this sounds great in theory, it’s often hard to achieve in reality.

Are you looking to increase your daily number of steps? Then keep reading and learn 7 easy ways to get more exercise into your day.

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Get More Movement into Your Day with These 7 Tips

1. Walk while brushing your teeth

Do you have trouble getting going in the morning? Instead of sitting on the edge of the tub when you brush your teeth, walk around the apartment. You will see that the three recommended minutes of teeth brushing fly by in no time.

2. Get off one stop earlier

Do you take public transportation to work? Then you could try getting off one stop earlier and logging some steps on your way to work. Plus, the fresh air boosts your immune system.

3. Ditch the elevator

At the mall, in your building or at the office… almost everywhere you go, there is an elevator, and it is costing you valuable steps. So, from now on, take the stairs.

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4. Walk and talk

Have you ever considered how many hours you spend a day on the phone with business partners or friends? These conversations are surely taking up a lot of time, most of which is spent sitting in your chair at the office or at home on the couch. Therefore, from now on, you should try walking and talking – both in your free time and at work. There’s bound to be a quiet place at work where you can walk around a bit and still carry on your phone conversation.

5. Make it a habit to walk at lunch

Taking a walk after lunch makes a big difference – even if it is only for a few minutes. You will see that it not only helps to clear your head but gives your body a much-needed break from sitting.

6. Get your steps in at the store

Of course, not everyone is lucky enough to have a grocery store within walking distance. If you have to drive to the nearest supermarket, you should park a little farther away and walk to the entrance. This is a good chance to increase your number of steps per day.

7. Meet friends outdoors

A coffee klatch with friends is always a good idea. Although it won’t help you to reach your 10,000 steps a day, seeing as you will spend most of your time sitting. The next time you want to get together, go for a walk with your friends: get a cup of your favorite coffee in a reusable travel mug and explore some new places in nature.

4 reasons why you should increase your number of steps per day:

How do you know how many steps you are walking each day?

If you want to know how many steps you are walking per day, a step-counting app like the Runtastic Steps app can be quite helpful. Find out how many steps you are taking, set a personal step goal or download the “Walking for Weight Loss” plan and reach your ideal weight!



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