Trouble Sleeping? 11 Helpful Tips on Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

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The American inventor and entrepreneur Thomas A. Edison once said, “There is really no reason why men should go to bed at all.” We disagree.

People who continually get too little sleep cannot concentrate as well, have a weaker immune system and consume around 300 calories more a day. So if you are planning to stay fit, you not only have to exercise regularly, but also get plenty of shuteye.

But what if you have trouble sleeping? We have 11 tips for you to make your sleepless nights a thing of the past!

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1. Soak up the sun…

The more, the better! Sunrays make you wide awake during the day and pleasantly tired come evening. And the sunshine vitamin D3 has many other benefits and is more powerful than you might think. 

2. Keep exercising.

Working out improves the quality of your sleep. And the best thing about it: a good night’s sleep improves your performance at work and at the gym. You know where to start 😉 

3. No caffeine in the afternoon!

Did you know that a cup of coffee contains approx. 100 mg of caffeine and this caffeine remains in your blood for up to 7 hours? Thus, a cup of coffee in the afternoon is a poor choice for quality sleep.

4. Sleeping on a full stomach isn’t a good idea.

Therefore, have dinner about two to three hours before going to bed. You should also check out these quick and healthy bedtime snacks.

5. Simulate sunset.

Try turning off bright overhead lights an hour prior to bedtime. This easy trick can help you to calm down and relax.

6. Create a going-to-bed ritual.

Take a shower, brush your teeth or read a few pages – if you do the same thing every evening, your body will develop a routine. It will act as a signal telling your body that it is time to go to bed soon.

7. Keep your bedroom cool!

The most comfortable temperature for your body to sleep is between 16 – 18°C (61 – 64°F). We have put together some tips for you on how to sleep better when it’s hot outside.

8. Tidy up your bedroom…

Sleeping in a clean and tidy room is much nicer, isn’t it? 😉 Here are some more tips for simple room changes to help you sleep better

9. Sleep on the right side.

Why? Because you put less pressure on your heart, and your body requires less effort to circulate your blood.

10. Don’t brood at night!

We know that is easier said than done. But try to think of pleasant things when you close your eyes. It’s much better to have these thoughts reappear in your dreams during REM sleep than bad ones.

11. No horror stories before bedtime

A bloody horror film or a crime thriller can work you up before going to bed and give you bad dreams.

Plenty of good sleep is incredibly important for a fit and healthy lifestyle! We need it for our basic vital functions. It’s not for nothing that we sleep nearly 24 (!) years of our lives…  

Do you have your own trick for falling asleep? How do you work on improving your sleep quality? Share your tips with us below in the comments section!



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