Daylight Saving Time: 13 Tips To Get Up Easier

While in the US daylight saving time already started a few weeks ago, Europeans will lose an hour of sleep this weekend. The mere thought of that causes some of us to wake up with dark under-eye circles.

The good news: days are getting longer again and no more jogging in the dark! You can also enjoy outdoor BBQs and sip coffee on the terrace again. Sounds great, right? For you to enjoy this extra hour of daylight to the fullest, we’ve got a few tips on how to get up with ease as your body is adjusting to the time difference:

Runtastic get up easier

1. Start out zen
The alarm sounds, you open your eyes and… take a few, deep breaths. Makes for a much smoother start into your day than just jumping out of bed.

2. Do it like the cats
Stretch your entire body while still in bed. Those movements activate your muscles and gently wake up your mind, too.

3. Create a morning ritual
It brings a certain calm and stability into your day. Resolve to “drink a cup of tea” or to “stretch for five minutes” every morning.

Runtastic get up easier

4. Start with a smile
Even if you don’t feel like smiling in the morning, lift the corners of your mouth. Your mood will improve automatically.

5. Activate blood flow
Hot and cold showers work wonders. Start by showering your feet with cold water, then slowly move towards your upper body. Repeat several times, alternating warm and cold water. Make sure you always finish off with a cold shower.

6. Indulge your senses
A soap or shower gel with a delicious smell activates all your senses in the morning. Totally vitalizing!

Runtastic get up easier

7. Drink water
Start off with some water right when you get up in the morning. Water is refreshing and activates blood circulation.

8. Enjoy your breakfast!
Having breakfast is a must, even if you don’t feel hungry. A balanced meal in the morning improves both your physical and mental fitness.

9. Do without (bad) news
Rather that starting your day with bad news from the newspaper, read some motivational quotes or inspiring blog posts.

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10. Get inspired
Listen to the Dalai Lama: “Every day, think as you wake up, today I am fortunate to be alive, I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it.”

11. Turn on the music
Your favorite tunes in the morning put you in a good mood – and the day can only be a great one.

12. A breath of fresh air
Don’t forget to brush your teeth. Toothpaste with menthol dispels even the last signs of tiredness while giving you fresh breath and a fresh mind. Get ready to seize the day!

We hope these tips help you rise and shine. But, if you do oversleep one day or just can’t seem to fully wake up… try tip #13: Always have a complete emergency outfit picked out and ready to go in your wardrobe. This is ideal for those days when you’ve snoozed too much or just can’t decide what to wear.

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