20 Simple Calorie-Saving Cooking Tips

Flaschen voll mit Olivenöl

Small changes can make a big difference. By following a few simple cooking rules, you can cut tons of calories and reduce the amount of fat you eat without having to sacrifice taste. And if you put on an extra pound or two, despite your best intentions, then using less fat and oil will help you lose the weight again that much faster.

Virgin olive oil pouring in a spoon

Cut calories when cooking? Here’s how:

1. Use fat in small quantities

You only need a small amount to achieve the desired taste. More fat doesn’t mean bigger flavor.

2. Choose quality

Use non-stick pans and stainless steel or clay pots. These help you whip up amazing meals without all the fat and oil.

3. Onions instead of fat

Use less fat and oil in your cooking and more onions, garlic or herbs to give your food flavor.

4. Use an oil sprayer

This way less oil will make it in the pan and onto your plate.

5. Cook fish

Two to three servings of regional fish per week can really improve your cholesterol levels. When prepared with little fat or oil, fish makes for an ideal light lunch or dinner.

Spoons with different spices

6. Season generously

Season your food with fresh herbs and exotic spices instead of tons of fat and heavy sauces. Some spices can even boost your metabolism.

7. Save calories with dark oils

People tend to automatically use less when cooking with dark oils like pumpkin seed oil. They also taste more intense.

8. Cook fish in a pouch

All you need is aluminum foil and an oven. That way you eliminate the fat of frying and preserve more of the fish’s natural flavor. How about trying pesto salmon with vegetables?

9. Measure with a teaspoon

Always use a teaspoon to measure fat and oil. You can control the amount better this way.

10. Use paper instead of grease

If you use parchment paper when you bake, you don’t need as much fat to grease the pan.

11. Eat natural

When eating canned foods, like tuna, always opt for products in their own juices. This helps you eliminate tons of fat.

Salad with avocado and grilled chicken

12. Don’t skimp on vinegar

Use plenty of vinegar in your salad dressing. Cider vinegar, for example, stimulates the digestion and thus helps you lose weight. Lemon juice is also good for this.

13. Cook in a wok

In a wok, you don’t need much oil to make amazing dishes with lots of vegetables.

14. Let soups cool after cooking

As the soup cools, the fat rises to the surface, which makes it easier to skim it off.

15. Cook with low-calorie ingredients

Broccoli, cucumber, celery root, garlic, onion, spinach, tomatoes or zucchini: these tasty vegetables contain hardly any calories and pep up any dish.

16. Plain instead of breaded

Plain is the healthier option. Breaded foods contain nearly twice as many calories.

17. User paper towels to soak up the grease

Place everything you fry on a sheet of paper towel. This soaks up the extra grease so it doesn’t end up on your hips.

18. Eat skinless poultry

By removing the skin from chicken, turkey or duck, you can save a lot of calories and fat.

19. Cook without oil from time to time

It also works without oil. Cook in stock or vinegar instead of oil or butter.

20. Just change the recipe

To reduce calories, use only half the fat and sugar the recipe calls for.

Original was published on December 16, 2013 and updated on April 18, 2017.


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