-25 kg (55 lb): “I Finally Achieved My New Year’s Resolution!”

by Runtastic user Nadine from Germany

Exactly one year ago – like so many other people – I made a New Year’s resolution. I’ll give you three guesses what I resolved to do 😉 I said to myself: “2017 is going to be different! You’re going to shed those kilos and reach your ideal weight!” At the time, I weighed 89 kg (196 lb) and felt very unattractive.

This time I really kept my resolution

Let’s be honest: I had said those very same words many times in the past — but this time everything was different. My willpower and motivation were so great that I worked hard towards reaching my goal.

First, I changed my diet. I completely cut out simple carbohydrates, focused on high-protein foods and began to track my calories with a food diary. Plus, I joined a gym. The kilos just started melting away.

Running gave my motivation an extra boost

In April, when it finally got warmer, I started to go running. To keep track of my running sessions, I used the Runtastic app. I continued to improve day by day: In May, I finished my first 5K run, and the kilos kept coming off. This gave my motivation a big kick.

In summer, I even competed in my first race: I finished 10 km in 52 minutes. It was a huge success for me!

Eine Frau macht ein Spiegelselfie

Ideal weight achieved! Followed by the first half-marathon

I have lost a total of 25 kg (55 lb), and I now weigh 64 kg (141 lb). Thanks to a combination of regular exercise and a healthy diet, I was able to achieve my ideal weight. In the meantime, I’ve got hooked on running. I finished my first half-marathon in September, and I’m already working towards my next goal: an entire marathon. To prepare for it, I am running 3-5 times a week and working out in the gym an additional two days a week to build muscle.

I promise you: this year will be your year if you really want it! I hope that my story has inspired you to give it another try 🙂

Have you also lost weight and would like to tell us about it? Then send an email with your story to mysuccess@runtastic.com and don’t forget to include a few before & after photos.


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