26.2 with runtastic

On Sunday, October 7, a record 37,455 runners completed the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. runtastic enthusiast Bradley Wyatt recounts his experience training for and running the Chicago Marathon, with a little help from a certain running app:

This past weekend I engaged in one of the most mentally and physically challenging races I have endured in over a year; I ran the 2012 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. All my hard work, my hours of training in the rain, snow and summer’s heat was about to pay off. I mastered the pace I planned to run—all thanks to runtastic PRO.

I used runtastic PRO to track my entire 26.2-mile race and keep me on pace. I set runtastic’s voice feedback feature to update me on my progress, and every half mile, I heard my split, total distance and overall time. If I started to slow down or speed up, I could adjust my pace and get back on track.

With thousands of marathon participants, it’s often difficult for spectators to pick their favorite runner out of the crowd. But because I enabled runtastic’s live tracking feature at the beginning of my run, my friends and family were able to see where I was at any given moment of the race. The app posted a link (with my permission, of course) to my social media pages. From that, friends could access my runtastic profile, see my progress, and pick a place to watch me run by. runtastic takes the all guesswork out of watching a runner.

runtastic not only made my race easier but helped me in the many months of preparation. Long runs, track workouts and hills took over my life as I trained for the big race in October. I used runtastic to get used to my desired pace so I wouldn’t start out too fast or too slow. Some training runs took me through thick forests, but I didn’t lose signal once. Even when I had a weak signal, the app was smart enough to figure out where I ran and fill in the blanks so I didn’t have to.

Overall the app was a life saver. My goal was to average 8:30 a mile for 26.2 miles, and I ended up averaging 8:32 a mile – right on target. I would not have been able to pace myself without runtastic. Thanks for helping me train and keeping my cheer squad in the loop!

Congrats, Bradley! Who else has used runtastic to help train for a race, or enabled live tracking to receive cheers and encouragement throughout a marathon? Let us know how runtastic has helped you –  we love hearing about our users’ successes! 


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