3 Best Ways To Aid Recovery

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Yin and yang. Rest and activity. That’s how Chinese philosophy pictures a balanced life. We’re usually pretty good at the yang part: a challenging job, exciting travel destinations and the planned half-marathon keep us busy. But, what about the yin? Where’s rest and relaxation in our lives?

Unfortunately, only one out of ten people know what they need for ideal recovery. So, how can we best recharge our batteries to master stressful situations in our every day lives as well as conquer fitness challenges with energy?

Here are three effective methods that will help you unwind, relax and calm down.

1. Sleep


Especially for those who are very active, sufficient sleep is vital. Only with enough time for recovery your body will be able to do even better in the next training. Healthy, regular and deep sleep is key to any workout routine or race preparation, e.g. when training for a marathon.

Night-time recovery is also a must to calm down spinning heads after hard work days. Dreams help us cope with our daily lives and improve our health and mental well-being.

Having a hard time falling asleep? Try these tips on how to sleep better:

  • Sleep in a cool room, 16 – 18°C / 60 – 65°F is ideal
  • Turn off your TV, laptop & phone 30 minutes before bedtime
  • Do without energy drinks, coffee or green tea after midday

2. Nutrition


With the right nutrition, you can support your body’s regeneration efforts. Your diet and nutrition habits also influence your sleep, therefore avoid late dinners so they do not interfere with your recovery during the night.

These foods contribute to muscle recovery:

  • The antioxidants contained in blueberries aid the recovery of sore muscles
  • The gingerol contained in ginger relaxes your muscles and relieves muscle pain by up to 24%
  • Omega-3 fatty acids, also found in avocados, help your muscles regenerate

3. Relaxation


We should always strive to find a healthy balance between tension & stress and relaxation. Yet, it’s not that easy to relax. Do you know how to best relax and unwind? We’ve got a few suggestions for you.

These simple relaxation techniques are worth a try:

  • Breathe in for a count of 4, then breathe out for a count of 6. Focus on your breath and the counting – and continue for 3 minutes
  • Yoga is ideal to relax both your body and soul
  • A bubble bath works wonders when you’re tense and stressed out

Besides sufficient sleep, a balanced diet and those soothing relaxation techniques, a healthy dose of humor can help your body and mind regenerate. The Irish proverb says it all: “A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.”

Put on a smile and you’ll see – your entire body will automatically relax.

P.S. Are you a runner? Try jogging with compression socks every now and then. They improve blood circulation in your muscles, which leads to a faster recovery.


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