3 Healthy Smoothies With Only 100 Calories

Cardiologists recommend the following diet:  “If it tastes good, spit it out.” 😉

In this case, however, the cardiologists would encourage you to drink up despite the great taste.  We’ve prepared 3 healthy smoothies that taste great and perfectly accompany the hot season. Plus, we know that smoothie for weight loss are all the rage these days – these are approved!

Summer is here!  Time for fun & BBQs with friends.  We, as hosts, want to impress our guests.  We try to come up with new salad variations and spectacular vegetable side dishes for the grill.  Drinks, anyone?  While there may be a few bottles left from the last party, what if we had some awesome ideas for something new?

Surprise your guests with colorful, fun and healthy weight loss smoothies in a glass – with just about 100 calories each.

You just need the ingredients, a blender and a few minutes of your time to make these 100 calorie smoothie recipes.  Let’s get started:

Berry Blast

…boosts fat burning.

Tip:  Looking for ice-cold refreshments?  Turn your smoothie into ice cream.  Fill it into small cups with a spoon stuck in the middle or freeze the whole thing in a bigger box.  Wait a few hours and enjoy. Now that’s a smoothie diet we’d like to be on 🙂

EN_Pic3_Fit Fusion

…for maximum refreshment.

Tip:  Do you like your smoothie a little bit sweeter?  Pump up the sweetness by adding a few drops of honey, agave syrup or stevia leaves. That extra sweetness makes for great smoothie recipes for weight loss. No need to raid the candy drawer anymore.

Melon Madness

…makes your skin glow.

Tip:  Pay attention to the right proportions for mixed smoothies.  60% fruits and 40% veggies is ideal for weight loss smoothie recipes.

You’ll see – these healthy smoothies will lead to sparkling eyes and enthusiastic “mmmmm’s.”
What’s best?  You just need a few ingredients for all of these smoothies.  Your body will thank you, as fewer ingredients means less work for your intestines.

And one last tip for you:
Try and add at least one green ingredient to all your smoothies.  The chlorophyll in greens protects our cells.

Do you have a super-easy or original idea for healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss?  Share it with us.


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