Sun & fun at the City2Surf

by Ashley Lofton

Irene and Debbie were so excited to get the opportunity to come to Sydney to run the biggest fun run in the world! I was delighted to get to spend time with them and show them what Sydney is all about: sunshine, beaches, an active lifestyle and of course fun!

I got the pleasure of getting to run them through a race day preparatory routine on Friday morning where we got to go on a beautiful run by the Harbour Bridge and Opera House and then do some running drills and myofascial release with The Stick and the spikey ball. We then had a nice breakfast and talked about our plans for race day! Although Debbie had a bit of a bum knee, she still managed to run the whole way with us – what a trooper! Both the girls were very happy with their Wave Riders and apparel from Mizuno Running Australia and Fly Active.


Perhaps the most exciting thing for them besides just being in Sydney was getting to take part in this wonderful event with 85,000 other runners. They loved the fact that everyone was ‘having a crack’, whether it’s your elite runners, your weekend warriors, kids, to “The Legends” in yellow who have been running this race since it began in 1971! Irene loved the bands along the way and of course was entertained by the people that dressed up – highlights being the cookie, the chickens, the smurfs, tuxedo men and there were lots of tutus floating around!

The course was absolutely stunning and Irene loved that you got to start in the city and of course, end at the surf! A point-to-point race is rare to find and preferred by Debbie. I was absolutely flattered and the girls made me blush by saying they loved having a personal coach with them to show them around the town and help them get through and document the race.

We had such a wonderful time and we could not have asked for better weather! The girls were laughing that this is winter, Irene says “I reckon (in an Aussie accent ;), this would be a good day for summer in the Netherlands!” The first thing we all did when we finished the race is jump straight in the ocean. There was no going in slowly either, we all dived straight in and then body surfed for quite a while in our running gear! It’s also obviously the best recovery after a race to ice the legs, so the girls should be well recovered for the rest of their trip as they head north!

City2Surf will definitely be one of Irene, Debbie’s (and my own) top memories, I reckon!



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