-73 lb (-33 kg) by Running: I Set My Start Date and Never Looked Back

Runtastic success story before and after image Tegan.

My name is Tegan Sulc and I am 29 years old. I will be turning 30 in March! I was never overweight as a child or teen, but once I turned 18 I started down a path of going out, drinking every weekend and eating anything and as much as I wanted! Food was my comfort! I started gaining and gaining until I found myself weighing 238 lb (108 kg)!

Over the years, I had tried to lose weight and did succeed. I would lose 20-25 lb (9-11 kg) but gain it all back every time. My motive to lose weight was just temporary for a vacation, special event, etc. As soon as I hit my goal, I would just go back to my old lazy, binge-eating ways.

Runtastic success story before and after image Tegan.

Last year, I took a really good look at myself and realized all of this was so much more than a physical issue! It was my last year of my 20’s and I knew I had to do something! My life had to change! I needed to make a huge life change. I wanted health and happiness. I wanted energy and to be able to feel good inside and out, so I chose a date: January 4th, 2016. That was MY day, the day I was going to change my life forever! And, I have not looked back!

I joined the YMCA where my husband went to work out. On January 4th, I went on the elliptical for 20 minutes and thought I would die! But I did it and I didn’t die! Afterwards, I sat on the chair waiting for my husband to come out of the changing room. As I sat, I saw a poster for our city’s annual moonlight run they hold every March. I always thought that looked like so much fun! I thought to myself, “I think I’d like to do that!” So, the next day at work, I asked my friend, who has been a runner for 18 years, if she would join me and coach me. She was thrilled! Before I had time to change my mind, we were all signed up!

Runtastic Success Story Tegan

My next thought was, “Well, I suppose I should actually try running outside.” So, the next morning, I laced up my shoes and off I went! I remember that morning very well! It was quite chilly being January in Alberta, Canada. That wasn’t going to stop me! This time, nothing was going to stop me. Off I went. I didn’t even make it a block before I had to stop and walk. “That’s ok,” I told myself. Small goals. So I would start pushing myself further and further. Go one more block, make it to the dumpster around the corner, make it all the way to mom’s house before stopping. Well, before I knew it, I was hitting all of these goals! I ran the moonlight run in March and finished the race! That 5K race turned into a 10K, and that 10K turned into a half marathon in October! The weight was falling off, I was gaining strength and building muscles. I was sleeping better and becoming happier. I was developing self-confidence. I was getting my life back!

Runtastic Success Story Tegan

One year later, here I am submitting my story to Runtastic – the app I used to track my runs. I am submitting my SUCCESS story! I did it! I lost 73 lb (33 kg) and 36 in. (91.4 cm) in 9 months. I changed my body, I altered my mind, I achieved health, I smashed my goals! I re-created my life! But, my journey is far from over. It will be a journey for the rest of my life.

Runtastic Success Story Tegan

My next goal is my first ever full marathon coming up in May! It will be the hardest thing I have done in life so far! A test of my abilities, both mental and physical. I can do it!

The last part of my story is a message to anyone who wants to make a change. You can do it! Your mind is a very strong tool. Once you convince your mind, your body will become strong and you can endure anything you set yourself up to do. Thank you, Runtastic, for sharing in my journey.


Tegan Sulc



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