33 Things Healthy And Happy People Do Right

Being happy and healthy.

That’s what we desire the most between age 30 and 45. We want to feel alive and enjoy our lives to the fullest. But, what do these people who literally radiate joy and peace? I know a few of them and just asked them to spill their little secrets.

Here are some really inspiring answers to my question: “How do you manage to live a healthy and happy life?”

1. I know what I want
Following the saying “If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable,” I always try to know where I’m going to make the most of the “winds” on my way there.

2. I try to be honest…
…especially to myself. Nothing is more powerful than the truth.

3. Set goals for yourself
Not for others, and not just because they said: “You can’t do this.”

Runtastic happy people

4. I challenge myself
Instead of resting on my laurels, I’m always searching for and accepting new challenges.

5. Go big or go home
Whether it’s on the job, in my relationships or in sports – whatever I do, I’m 100% in.

6. I’m passionate about what I do
We’re best at those things we like. I try to find a meaning behind every task so I can then execute it with passion.

7. I’m curious
I try new stuff instead of avoiding unknown situations or challenges.

8. I fall down…
…seven times and get up eight.

9. I learn from failure
Yesterday’s dung is today’s fertilizer.

10. I live in the moment
The mountain’s shadow seems always more threatening than the mountain itself. Living in the moment and climbing that mountain is far less scary than standing in front of it and thinking what if… Living in the moment requires more courage at the beginning, but dispels your fears later on.

11. Flexibility is my strength
Nothing is for sure – besides the fact that everything changes. I’m ready for that and know how to let go (of thoughts and things).

12. I motivate myself
If you’re able to motivate and push yourself, you don’t depend on praise and recognition from others. This way, I’m more successful in the long run.

13. I listen to my body
Whether it’s fatigue, hunger or stress – I pay attention to my body’s signals and treat it well.

14. Recovery is a must
I’m able to find a balance between tension and relaxation – I make time to relax and just do nothing from time to time.

15. I sleep well
Sleep is vital for my mental and physical regeneration. That’s why I try to sleep my full 8 hours each night.

16. Pleasure is a form of art
I treat myself with nice things on a regular basis – which I then enjoy with all my senses.

17. I am thankful
Appreciate the sun every single day, not just after a few rainy days. That’s kind of my motto. I am thankful for the most trivial things and just appreciate being alive.

18. I laugh… a lot
One of my strong points is that I don’t take everything so seriously – situations, people and especially myself. Cultivating a sense of humor is vital.

19. I keep calm
Calmness will always win temper in the end. If you stay calm, you’re more likely to make the right decisions – both in your private and business life.

Runtastic happy people

20. I like lively relationships
I try to get to others, as well as to myself. This proximity in my relationships helps me grow.

21. I learn from others
Instead of thinking “I already know this,” I seize the chance to learn something new from every situation and person.

23. I am active…
…also when it comes to sex. Because this physical activity produces happiness hormones that make us feel attached to another person – strengthens a relationship and boosts your fitness.

23. I eat intuitively
Listening to my body’s signals and eating intuitively is part of my daily life.

24. Diets? No, thanks
Bans and strict nutrition rules are no good – they just lead to weight cycling. I know that.

25. I follow a balanced diet
Sometimes, fast food and sweets are okay. Just remember that the dose makes the poison. This helps me to a balanced approach to nutrition.

26. I live in balance
No light without darkness, no sun without rain, no rest without activity. Finding a healthy balance is my daily mission.

27. Hop, dance, play
What’s better than freeing the child in yourself and doing things you’ve loved when you were little? I allow myself to go back to being a child every now and then.

28. I don’t compare myself…
…to others. Because I know this comparison doesn’t make me happy.

29. I solve conflicts
I’m aware that conflicts help us grow. Being able to solve them is an indicator for a great partnership (both in business and your private life).

Runtastic happy people

30. I communicate
I actively perceive my thoughts, feelings and wishes; I can express them and communicate them to others.

31. Do something, don’t complain
I’d light a candle rather than complaining about the dark.

32. I forgive…
…others, but especially myself. Peace starts within yourself.

33. Death is my friend
We all know we will die some day – but we still refuse to accept it. Healthy and happy people come to terms with death (or the thought of it). Living my life while aware that every day could be the last of my life, I ensure I make the most of my daily 24 hours.

Now, I’m curious what you’ll reply to my question. How do YOU manage to lead a healthy and happy life? I’m looking forward to reading your comments.

P.S. Already booked your next trip? No? How about Nigeria? That’s the home of the world’s most happy people. 44% of the population there say they’re happy.

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