4 Easy Tips for Eating Healthy on Business Trips

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von Olga Osenina, Redakteurin HRS Blog

Do you often go on business trips? Are you used to sprinting from meeting to meeting and from city to city? Then you know it’s not so easy to eat healthy while traveling. Before you know it, you’re wolfing down greasy fast food or eating one candy bar after the other either due to lack of time or convenience. But, with the right tips, you’ll soon discover that eating healthy on business trips is not as hard as you might think.

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1. Eat a healthy breakfast to get a good start to the day

A healthy and productive work day starts with a proper breakfast. Instead of getting a diet-busting breakfast sandwich smothered in cheese, you should think about giving overnight oats a try. These are rolled oats that have been soaked in milk overnight. This way you can prepare them the night before and enjoy them stress-free the next morning. You can also jazz up your overnight oats by mixing in different fruits and nuts and thus add a little variety to your breakfast routine.

2. Switch from coffee to green tea

You can’t imagine starting the day without a cup of coffee? Perhaps these facts will change your mind: for instance, did you know that the boost of energy coffee gives you is relatively short lived? The effect is even shorter if you sweetened your coffee with sugar. The caffeine in green tea, on the other hand, is released into the body at a far slower rate and thus achieves a much longer lasting effect. Whether the tea has a soothing or stimulating effect depends on how long you let it brew. A short brewing time results in a stimulating and invigorating effect, whereas a long brewing time produces a more relaxing effect.

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3. Hands off of hot dogs, pizza and the like

Wednesday is hot dog day, Thursday is pizza day, etc. The cafeterias of this world don’t make it easy on us office workers to eat a healthy diet. And yet there are plenty of healthy alternatives. With a little discipline, you can swap that hot dog for a delicious avocado chicken wrap. Wraps are available in many supermarkets, or you can simply make it at home in a jiffy. Fill the wrap with ingredients like lettuce, tomato, cucumber, avocado and tuna or chicken breast, roll it up and it’s ready to eat! Another healthy alternative is whole grain sandwiches. They are easy to carry in a lunchbox which makes them perfect lunches for on-the-go. The whole grain keeps you feeling full longer than white bread or a bread roll, for example.

4. Eat low-calorie snacks between meals

We’re all familiar with those food cravings between meals. But before you peel back the wrapper on that chocolate bar, maybe you should stop and think if there isn’t a better alternative. Why don’t you try some veggie sticks with a yummy guacamole dip? It takes almost no time to prepare and fits easily into any carry-on bag.

You aren’t really big on vegetables? Then dried fruit or a smoothie is the right thing for you. The latter is especially rich in vitamins and healthy ingredients and thus a far better alternative than chocolate bars or sugary pastries.

Ein Glas Blaubeer-Smoothie

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