4 Quick HIIT Workouts to Stay Fit for the Holidays

Fitness Coach Lunden doing a side plank.

Looking for some quick, sweaty, fat-burning workouts that you can do anywhere? Your wish is my command. While you might not find it easy to say “no” to holiday treats, you can always find time to say “yes” to these effective HIIT workouts.

Fitness Coach Lunden doing a side plank.

I created this HIIT for Holiday series on the Runtastic Fitness Channel especially for all you busy folks out there who are preparing for the holiday season: putting in a lot of extra hours at work, shopping for presents, preparing for road trips to visit relatives, etc. But, of course you can do these HIIT workouts anytime, anywhere – not just during the holiday season!

You want to know the best part about it? These four HIIT workouts range from 4-15 minutes…that’s it! And, I am doing these workouts with you. So grab your mat and some water and let’s get sweaty.

1. 4-minute Total-Body Fat-Blasting Tabata

This workout only has two exercises! But I promise you will get extra sweaty and be super energized after this tabata workout. If you have more time, feel free to repeat this hiit workout multiple times.

2. 12-minute Legs

I love training legs, especially before a hearty, holiday meal. This workout hits every angle of your booty and thighs – you’re welcome!

3. 15-minute Total-Body Workout

I had to put one of my favorite exercises in this workout – burpees yay! Really push yourself during this workout to make the most out of your 15 minutes. You might be surprised by how hard we can train together in such a short amount of time.

4. 12-minute Upper Body & Abs

Sexy arms and six-pack abs coming right up! Let’s blast the arm flab and tighten up the core together. You’ll need a chair or couch for triceps dip (or you can do them on the ground).

So, who’s with me? Ready to stay fit throughout the holidays together? Leave me a comment below if you are in and also let me know your tips for staying fit and healthy (while still enjoying yourself) throughout the holiday season.


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