4 Quick Indoor Workouts for a Strong Core & Defined Abs

Two friends working out together in the gym.

First, let’s get it out of the way – you don’t need a gym to do these workouts! They can be done anywhere, anytime and (all except two) without any equipment. A strong core is critical to your overall strength and can help to alleviate back pain and help you perform better no matter what life throws at you.

In our bodyweight training app, Runtastic Results, there are tons of core-focused exercises. They are a huge component of total-body transformation. And, after getting tons of feedback from our female users, we know that Runtastic ladies love a variety of abs and core exercises in their training routine.

So, I’ve compiled 4 free workouts that are specifically focused on strengthening the core and defining that sexy midsection.

1. Fat-Burning Abs Workout (Runtastic Results app sneak peek)

Subscriber perk! This workout is usually available to Runtastic Results app users with a Premium Membership…but, we decided to give it to our users for free on the Runtastic Fitness Channel! Exciting, right? Because there’s no such thing as too many free workouts, I had to give you an added bonus as a sneak peek to what your workouts will look like during your 12-week body transformation.

2. 6-Minute Sexy Abs Workout (with Sven Friedrich from Runtastic Results)

I put together this workout for me and my friend Sven, so it had to be tough. 6 exercises in 6 minutes – are you in?

3. 6 Killer Moves for Abs with an Exercise Ball

Have you seen that big, round exercise ball at the gym and aren’t sure how to use it? Or, are you an exercise-ball pro who’s looking for some new exercises to mix it up a bit? Then this is the video for you. There’s a mix of beginner and advanced exercises (and everything in between).

4. Abs workout with a foam roller

Yes, you should still definitely use your foam roller for recovery, but I want to give you some new ways to use the same equipment. Get ready for some core strengthening like never before with this lightweight prop.

What’s your favorite of these 4 ab workout videos? Leave me a comment down below and let me know which one you liked best (or made your abs burn the most!). And, for tons more workouts you can do using your own body weight, download the Runtastic Results app and get your customized training plan for men and women.



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