4 Reasons Why A Runtastic Career Might Be Right For You

The new year has started and it might be a good time to think about your future career. No matter whether you are going to graduate soon, you are already an expert or you need a career change: we will happily welcome you to our team. Have ever thought about joining the Runtastic family? Here’s how you know that you are making the right choice:

1. You want to be a strong part of an awesome team
Do you enjoy having fun with others? Do you believe that cultural diversity is a bonus rather than a challenge? And, do you prefer celebrating success together over winning the laurels all by yourself? The Runtastic team might be your place to be.

We work hard, and we sometimes work a lot. But it doesn’t feel like work most of the time because we have so much fun together. We see each other as friends rather than colleagues.

Image of the Runtastic Team

As easy and relaxed as this might sound, we take a lot of effort to foster this team-oriented culture: tough screening throughout the application process, employee participation in company goals as well as our epic team events make sure that we all get along well. We are not just a bunch of lone warriors, but rather a strong collective of young and ambitious team players.

2. You want to make a difference
We want every individual to live a more aware and active lifestyle with Runtastic, leading to a longer, happier life.

Runtastics Vision

Do you love to think big, too? Then we truly welcome your ideas!

Our fast-paced world of fitness and health as well as mobile apps requires the courage to constantly try out new things. We go by the motto “Fail fast, fail often” and we have no fear of leaving our comfort zone. Get out of yours and join us now.

Two friends giving each other a high five.

3. You love to learn new things
Runtastic might not be the right place for you if you are just looking for a job. We build careers for those who are never satisfied with the status quo and invest time and energy into keeping themselves up-to-date.

Group of freinds playing a team building game.

It is not just the the company’s success story (from a university project to a proud member of the adidas family) which proves that we never stop pushing to become even better…

…It’s also the little things like adjusting our daily habits to more healthy ones or travelling to conferences all over the world (as visitors as well as keynote speakers).

4. You challenge the ordinary
If you like to answer questions with “Because I have always done it that way!” we are most likely not the right place for you. If you like to play it safe, you might want to start looking for a different company.

Runtastic has been successful from the very beginning and we greatly appreciate how fortunate we have been.

Group of Runtastics doing a workout together in the office.

We firmly believe that a major reason for our success is the fact that we dare to try out new methods. We don’t keep things the way they are just because they seem to work “okay”. We pride ourselves in doing things differently: from a technological, organizational or a career perspective. Ready to be a part of our culture? Be our guest!


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