4 Recipes for Runners: Eat Right – Run Better

Woman sitting on a bench drinking her protein shake after her training.

A balanced diet is key for runners looking to improve their performance. But healthy doesn’t have to mean time-consuming or boring. Our four recipes for runners are tasty, varied and, most importantly, easy to prepare.

1. Avocado pasta salad

Getting ready for a (half) marathon? Fill up your glycogen stores in the evening with carbohydrates. This creamy pasta salad with avocado and feta is ideal for carb loading and tastes amazing.

2. Red Beet Smoothie

Red beets are a runner’s best friend: this root vegetable enhances your endurance, improves blood flow and speeds up your post-workout recovery. There won’t be any sore muscles with this red beet smoothie!

3. Chicken Wrap

Adequate protein is not only a must for weightlifters. Endurance athletes need the macronutrient for building muscle and strengthening their immune system. This juicy chicken wrap contains 32 g of protein per serving. This is nearly half the daily requirement for a 65 kg (143.3 lb) woman.

4. Walnut Carrot Cookies

Sometimes, you crave something sweet, right? You can satisfy your sweet tooth with these crunchy walnut carrot cookies. They are quick and easy to prepare. Plus, they contain a lot of rolled oats: one of the most important foods for runners hoping to optimize their performance.

Do you have a recipe idea? Share your favorite recipe with us below in the comments.


Julia Denner Julia is a dietician and sports nutritionist. Before she began her position as Communications Specialist at Runtastic, she spent several years working as a dietician in the surgical department at Vienna General Hospital. Julia is passionate about inspiring others to eat a healthy, balanced diet. View all posts by Julia Denner