4 Runtastics Share Their Secrets of Success

Shot of a meeting in the Runtastic office

As you may have already noticed, we are continually looking for new Runtastics in numerous teams (if you haven’t noticed it, check out Runtastic.com/career). Our rapid growth not only means that we have the privilege of welcoming new faces (and nationalities) to our company every month, but it is relatively easy to change positions internally and work in a different team. That is what the following four employees have done.

Lilli, Runtastic CRM ManagerLilli, CRM Manager

Lilli started working part-time at Runtastic in the Customer Support team because she was originally looking to work alongside her studies. But after a few months, she heard through a chance conversation that a fellow Runtastic needed some help writing a newsletter. Lilli started helping him and thus got interested in customer relationship management.

Lilli found her true calling in the newsletter campaigns, which is why she broke off her studies so she could devote all her time to CRM or customer relationship management. Lilli has never regretted her decision since. And if you sign up for our weekly newsletter, you can see for yourself that she is exactly the right person for the job.

And what words of advice does Lilli have for us?
Don’t be afraid to say what you think: If you are interested in changing things, speak up. That way it will be easier for your team lead to recognize your potential and help you along your career path.

Robert, Runtastic Product ManagerRobert, Product Manager-to-be

Robert can easily attest to the success of this approach. In the last five years, he has worked his way through basically every team involved in software development and therefore he knows practically everything there is to know about our apps. That’s why it was clear to him and us that the next logical step was product management.

As a product owner, he and his squad (that is what we call our agile teams) develop new features for our apps. In the process, he not only has to coordinate his squad’s work with developers, designers, test managers and scrum masters, but also consider the feedback from Marketing, Communications, Translations and of course the C-Level. As challenging as it sounds, Robert enjoys helping create and further develop the product and company vision. He believes that Runtastic is very good at recognizing people’s potential and encouraging it if they are interested.

Thomas, Runtastic Android DeveloperThomas, Android Developer

The fact that we hired Tom full time after the end of his internship in the Android Development team shows that we have a good eye for talent. From the very beginning he was inspired by all the creative freedom and the varied work. Particularly since the transition to agile teams, he can contribute his own ideas and suggestions during the daily stand-ups. And his of course his ideas are taken seriously. “I never would have thought I’d be excited about going to work the next day!”

Tom’s advice is to take the initiative, trust in yourself and your abilities, and actively participate in making changes. “If you give your best at Runtastic, nothing stands in the way of full-time employment after your internship.”

Christinne, Runtastic User Acquisition ManagerChristinne, User Acquisition Manager

Like Lilli, Christinne began her Runtastic career in Customer Support and in the span of more than two years she not only gained an in-depth insight into our products, but our users and their needs, too. That and her marketing studies were the ideal background for a junior position in the User Acquisition team. She is responsible there for targeted marketing campaigns in social media channels like Facebook or Instagram.

What Christinne finds exciting about this field is the constant change and the new things she learns every day. “Mobile marketing might be too stressful for some people, but I never wanted to stay in my comfort zone: I love the challenge!” Christinne’s secret is not to fear change, “especially if the change is steering in the direction you like.”

Long story short: Once you have embraced the Runtastic values, nothing stands in the way of your career here with us!


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