From 485 lbs to 176 lbs in 4 years – Success Story of Franz Zobl

Hello Runtastics!

I grew up in a small village in Austria. Growing up I was overweight (obese even) and by the time I went to middle school, I already weighed 220 lbs. In 2001 as my weight ballooned, I made a silly bet about my weight with my friends and I decided to step on a scale. Most scales didn’t show weights over 300lbs; when we found one we discovered that I weighed 485 lbs!

It took more than 6 months to come to terms with this. I knew I couldn’t continue to lead this lifestyle and I was scared about possible diseases and health problems. I thought about how to change the best way possible. I knew I ate poorly and didn’t exercise, so I started eating differently but I still wasn’t active. I tried biking and strength training and saw results very quickly. I rapidly lost 44 lbs but after a period of time I didn’t lose any more weight. I tried other fitness activities and learned about heart rate zones and changed my diet again. It worked!

Success Story of Franz Zobl

I got my weight down to 330 lbs, but once I started my career I stopped my fitness activities and ate like my old self and gained weight. I told myself I cannot go on like this, so I started eating right and exercising again and I got to 242 lbs. I was still obese though and wanted to feel healthy for once.

A friend suggested I try jogging, so during a check-up with my physician, I asked about this but he warned me it was a bad idea and could be dangerous to my health. I needed to wait until I weighed less than 220 lbs.

I followed the doctors’ advice and waited. Once under 220 lbs, I tried. After my first running session, I was total KO’d and the day after I was stiff all over. But I continued and soon I had “running fever”.

I got down to 176 lbs and I had a big problem with my skin. My GP recommended that I go to the hospital in Vienna to have a skin lift of my abdomen, bottom and thighs. The doctors removed over 8lbs of my skin! In February 2012, I had to have another skin lift for my arms, back and chest; another 8 lbs of skin gone! After the operation, I started training again and I ran my first half marathon in 1:45:36. Now I’m a fan of strength training, running, and road biking, because it’s fun and keeps me healthy!

At the moment with my fitness regimen I weigh 198 lbs and I’m trying to keep this weight.
Runtastic has been a part of my success over the last year, because of the motivation and  support of my friends and family cheering me on.

We are very excited for Franz and congratulate him on his amazing success & will power!


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