Happy 4th Of July! Enjoy Yours With These 4th Of July Fitness Tips

Happy Independence Day to everyone in my home country, The United States of America. Today is a day of celebration, BBQ’s, swimming, drinking, parades and cheer. Not to mention the great fireworks once the sun goes down. While this holiday is definitely an excuse to celebrate, here are some 4th of July fitness tips to add a hint of health and fitness to your holiday celebration.


Participate in a patriotic race:

      1. Every year, my parents and I would participate in a 4th of July 5k. It’salways really awesome to see everyone dressed in red, white & blue running to celebrate. It’s a great way to start the day to get together withpeople in your community and burn some calories. The town I grew upin posts the race information in the newspaper, but if you cannot find  anything in there check online in advance for races in your area.
      2. Grill some skewers: The BBQ is a 4th of July and summer staple. Instead of grilling up hot dogs or cheese burgers, try some Shrimp, Vegetable & Pineapple skewers grilled up and drizzled with some teriyaki sauce. Not only are they delicious, but even the kids will have a fun time stacking the meat, veggies and fruit on the skewers.
      3. Organize games for your family & neighbors: Get your whole family and neighborhood involved and maybe even start a new 4th of July games tradition.
        •  3-legged or potato sack race
        •  Soccer
        •  Partner relay
        •  Volleyball or basketball in the swimming pool
        •  Set up a patriotic scavenger hunt (make a list of red, white & blue items)

July 4_Lunden Image 5

I hope these tips help you have a fun, fit, healthy, safe and AWESOME 4th of July!



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