Oh #HappyDay – 5 Videos To Make You Happy

Being happy has lots of advantages. One of them is that it gives you up to 23% more energy, makes you 31% more productive and three times more creative. Plus, happiness reduces the risk for cardiovascular diseases, makes injuries heal faster and us live longer. So, being happy also means being healthier. Happy people…

      • have a lower heart rate,
      • lower levels of stress hormone cortisol,
      • are less often sick & get well again faster.

Happiness and being happy mean different things to everyone. Some might find their biggest luck in a family, others are happy when they work out, others might define happiness with their jobs. There are countless ways that lead to everybody’s individual luck, and one thing is for sure: our personal circumstances or factors like social standing, gender, intelligence, age or wealth do not have a determining influence on happiness.

What promotes a feeling of happiness?
We’ve chosen a bunch of things that might make you happy. Maybe you’ll find something that actually makes you think “Yep, this does make me happy!”

Regular physical exercise

An optimistic approach to your future

A job you find fulfilling and satisfying


To live happily is an inward power of the soul. -Marcus Aurelius

By the way: You can learn to be happy. It’s all about your mindset and how conscious you live your life. The more often your “train” this positive mindset, the easier it is to experience this state of mind, and the happier you are.

It was the United Nations that brought up the Day of Happiness we’re celebrating today. The initiative Live Happy strives to make people all around the globe aware of what’s really important and right for them. Take Happy Acts & be happy! #HappyDay

What makes you happy? Share what makes your heart leap in the comments.



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