5 Ways To Ensure You Don’t Pack On The Pounds During The Holidays

Don’t skip your workouts

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With all of the holiday parties throughout this season, you really don’t want to be consuming many more calories than you normally do and skipping out on your workouts. That is a recipe for disaster. Even if you find yourself consuming more or less healthy food than you normally would, you need to at least keep your normal training schedule and maybe even kick it up a notch.

Pick and choose your indulgences at holiday parties
Just because you go to a holiday party doesn’t mean you need to eat and drink everything in sight. If you find yourself going to a different party every weekend, you want to make sure that you are eating as best as you can throughout the week so that way the holiday party can be your “indulgence.” With that being said, pick what you will indulge in ahead of time you can be prepared. Will you have wine, cookies or extra appetizers?

Skip the candy & sweets at the office

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Sitting all day at the office and then snacking on holiday cakes and sweets every day is going to creep up on you way too fast. Practice saying “no” and you will get better at it. Maybe choose to have just your favorite sweet items each week instead of grabbing anything you can get your hands on. If that sweet tooth is really persistent, go for some frozen berries or grapes (my personal favorite), or add some honey to your tea or morning cereal.

Take the stairs, walk to work, and just get more steps on top of your workouts!

Make healthy, figure-friendly comfort foods

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If you are craving something savory or sweet during these colder winter months, you don’t have to completely deprive yourself. Try my Fall Pumpkin Chili or Healthy Cookies recipe to satisfy your craving without going overboard.


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