5 Weight Loss Mantras – Losing Weight Starts in Your Head

Eine Gruppe von Freunden bereitet ein essen vor.

You are what you eat…

We’ve all heard this saying. But do you actually know why you eat? That’s the real question if you want to lose a few pounds and change your diet. But the “why” question is only half the battle – there’s something else that is just as essential. If you manage to achieve that, then nothing stands in the way of you reaching your goal. But let’s start first with the why…

Why do you eat what you eat?
This question is not so easy to answer. Researchers in the Netherlands have come up with a list of reasons for why we eat what we eat:

      • An opportunity is too good to miss, like a special offer at the supermarket.
      • We use food as a reward.
      • Dinner plans with friends.
      • We eat when we are tense, bored or stressed.
      • We feel the social pressure to avoid attracting negative attention.
      • Your calorie needs are higher due to fitness training, for example.

Beautiful girl eats an apple.

Ideally, there would only be one reason: hunger. Actual, physical hunger. In order to resist the many temptations and potential reasons for eating, you need…self-control.

Self-control is the key to your goal
People who want to live a healthy lifestyle must have a good grip on themselves. They have to be able to say “no” to their coworker’s birthday tiramisu, to the extra cream in their coffee or the “buy two get one free” sale. This wealth of temptations requires us to exercise self-discipline throughout the day. So it’s no surprise that in the evening we are almost out of self-discipline. It’s like your wallet: If you go around spending a few euros here, a few euros there, by the end of the day there is nothing left.  

The time when your self-control is at its weakest is in the evening after work. This is when we reach for unhealthy foods like frozen pizzas, greasy nacho chips and sweet chocolate cookies.

Girl prepares herself for a running session.

You are what you think
Instead of starting the day off by worrying about whether you can avoid all the temptations, plant ideas in your subconscious that motivate you and give you strength. Armed with positive and powerful mantras, you will find it easier to resist sweets or fast food and to incorporate regular exercise into your daily routine. You can use the power of thought to gear your entire system to a healthy lifestyle.

Here’s how you can reprogram your thoughts and your subconscious:

Come up with a couple of sentences that motivate you and help you focus better on your goal. Take a few minutes and listen to your own voice repeating these positive sentences once in the morning, the afternoon and in the evening. As you are practically talking to yourself, the effect of these mantras on your subconscious is twice as strong. You can also write down these affirmations and read through them three times a day.

Group Of Friends Having Dinner Party At Home

If you want to change your eating habits, the following 5 sentences can boost your self-control and program your subconscious:

        1. Today I make a conscious decision to eat healthy.
        2. I eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full.
        3. I am strong and can resist the temptations.
        4. I keep my focus on getting the body I always wanted.
        5. I feel myself growing fitter and stronger by the hour.

No matter if you want to shed a few pounds, work more exercise into your daily routine or quit smoking, positive sentences can strengthen our self-control and have a powerful impact on our lives. Just give them a try (30 days is best) and tell us about your success!

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