6 Benefits of Resistance Band Workouts (+ Common Mistakes to Avoid)

The best way to stay motivated to work out is incorporating a variety of exercises in your regimen. A resistance band is a great way to mix things up and keep your fitness routine interesting. No matter whether you are an experienced weightlifter or just starting your journey to health, fitness bands can add a new dynamic to your workouts and really get your muscles burning. 

Did you know?

Physiotherapists were using resistance bands back in the 1960s to help their patients improve mobility and posture. It was not until much later that people started integrating them into their workouts. 

Resistance bands are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and strengths, so there’s something for everyone. Are you just starting to exercise? Begin with the lowest resistance level and move your way up as you progress.

6 Benefits of Working Out with Fitness Bands

1. Suitable for any fitness level

Resistance bands are available in different strengths. You can also adjust the intensity yourself by relaxing or tightening tension on the band. 

The BLACKROLL® Loop Band comes in six versions ranging from extra light to extra strong. 

  • yellow: 2.6 kg / 140% extension
  • orange: 3.2 kg / 140% extension
  • red: 4.4 kg / 140% extension
  • green: 5.4 kg / 120% extension
  • blue: 6.6 kg / 120% extension
  • black: 8 kg / 120% extension

2. Easy to store

Not everyone has the luxury of setting up a gym in their home. Resistance bands are a great alternative. Roll them up and they fit in a drawer.


You can attach exercise bands to a stable frame or piece of furniture for exercises like the shoulder press, flys, or rowing. You can also use them in a partner workout.

3. Use them to warm up

It’s important to warm up before every workout if you want to prevent injuries and reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). A resistance band is the perfect tool for a warm up and helps you activate specific muscle groups.

4. Perfect for strength training

Another benefit of fitness bands? Add them to your strength training when you want to push limits with more resistance. You can either work your whole body or focus on certain areas, like your legs and butt.

5. Stabilization training tool

Stabilization training is the foundation of endurance and strength training. It improves core and joint stability, which affects your posture and mobility, thereby reducing your risk of injury. Resistance bands can enhance your stabilization training.

Did you know?

Stabilization training is especially important for developing a strong core. You will strengthen your back muscles, which improves your posture, prevents back pain and injuries.

6. Joint support

Did you take a break from sports because of an injury and now you’re itching to get started again? Exercise bands are the perfect tool for rehabilitation training, because they’re very easy on your joints. Plenty of resistance band exercises can be done while sitting or lying down. Important: Always consult your doctor or physiotherapist first.

Resistance Band Mistakes to Avoid

There are a few things you should be aware of when you do fitness band workouts to ensure that you don’t hurt yourself or damage your fitness band. 

  • Inconsistent tension: Always keep the tension steady when you are working out with a fitness band. This is the only way to ensure that the workout is effective.
  • Incorrect usage: Resistance bands are not dumbbells. If you pull on them too hard, they can tear. How can you prevent this? Don’t stretch the band over a sharp edge or clamp it in somewhere for a workout. And don’t leave it out in the sun; the material can dry out and lose its elasticity.
  • The band is too tight: If the resistance band is too tight or the tension is too strong, you won’t get the necessary range of motion for your exercises. It’s important to select the right band strength so that your workout is effective. Consult a professional if you are uncertain about what strength you need.

So, are you ready to start a resistance band workout? Try our top 11 resistance band exercises today!


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