6 Moves To Tone Your Booty With A Chair

I have great news for you today! You don’t need a bunch of fancy gym equipment to get a great workout. Today, I have some great exercises for you to tone, strengthen and tighten your backside using only yourself and a chair. Now, this workout is not only for the ladies. It’s really important for everyone to dedicate time to training their glutes to prevent injury and improve performance. Are you ready to get started??

1. Bulgarian Split Squat (both sides)

Runtastic Lunden

Lunden’s tip: Make sure that your front knee doesn’t go beyond your front toe. Keep your core engaged and your upper body upright as if there is a string attached to the top of your head.

2. Hip Abduction

Runtastic Lunden

Lunden’s tip: Make sure your entire body isn’t rocking to the side when performing this exercise. It’s better to keep your body and core tight and upright, while not lifting your leg as high instead of leaning over to get that leg up.

3. Leg Lifts (both sides)

Runtastic Lunden

Lunden’s Tip: Really think about your gluteal muscles when performing this exercise. This mind-body connection will help you get the most out of this move.

4. Inclined Bridge

Runtastic Lunden

Lunden’s Tip: Make sure your core is completely engaged the entire time and you squeeze all the way to the top.

5. Tap Squats

Runtastic Lunden

Lunden’s Tip: Make sure your knees do not go beyond your toes. Do not sit on the chair, only squat until you feel the chair and then come right back up.

6. Single Leg Sit-Stand (both sides)

Runtastic Lunden

Runtastic Lunden

Lunden’s Tip: This exercise is the most challenging of the 6. If you cannot balance throughout both the sitting and standing motion, practice one at a time (either sitting down or standing up while balancing) until you get the hang of it.



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