-62 kg (-136 lb): “I Knew I Wouldn’t Live to See My 40th Birthday”

Runtastic success story Didi

Dietmar didn’t eat properly or exercise much. His life basically consisted of work and his sofa. Before long the Austrian weighed 160 kg (352 lb). “There was only one topic at the doctor’s: my obesity.” The 33-year-old realized that he wouldn’t live to see his 40th birthday if he didn’t change his ways. But what actually got him thinking was his son’s question, “Dad, why are you so fat?” That really hit home. And so Dietmar finally took his life into his own hands.

Runtastic success story Didi

Weight loss without the yo-yo effect
Dietmar’s first step towards a healthier lifestyle was to sign up for a seminar on proper nutrition. “No one talked about healthy eating when I was young. But the seminar inspired me to change my diet.” With the help of a nutrition coach, Dietmar learned how to shop healthily and cook his own meals. “That was hugely important for me. It really helped me in my struggle with my weaker self.” The 33-year-old ate a low-carb, high-protein diet for nine months and had great results.

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Biking to lose weight
To get more exercise, Dietmar purchased an exercise bike. He started off pedaling between 18 and 21 km a workout. Today he can ride 40 km in a row. “In July 2015, I bought a bike and rode up our local hill for the first time. At first, I needed 1.5 hours for the 6 km route. Now it only takes me 33 minutes.” He keeps track of his rides with the Runtastic app. “I am a big numbers person and need results. Tracking my activities is a huge source of motivation for me!”


-62 kg (-136 lb): “I had an arduous life and no energy.”
In the meantime, Dietmar has lost 62 kg (136 lb). “I never used to be able to play soccer with my kids or go bike riding.” Today everything is different. “I am just bursting with energy and everything has gotten easier. I am up to the challenge, no matter what it is – be it family, work or the band.”
Dietmar’s friends and family have responded very well to his weight-loss success. “Of course, my wife used to worry about me a lot. Now she is relieved and happy that I’ve found myself. I often run into people I haven’t seen in a very long time – and they don’t recognize me anymore.” Dietmar laughed and added: “That is a great feeling.”

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His weight-loss journey continues
“I still pay a lot of attention to what I eat. I am very strict five days a week, but on the other two I let myself live a little.” But the 33-year-old’s weight loss journey isn’t over. His next goal: “lose the last 10 kg (22 lb) and put on muscle.” Bodyweight training with the Runtastic Results app has been a big help. “At the moment, I am doing the Standalone Workouts and they are making a huge difference. Thanks Runtastic for being my fitness partner!”

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