7 Reasons Why You Should Start Getting Fit for Summer Now

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Whether you’re looking to shed off that extra weight, firm up your thighs or get rid of the bat wings — it doesn’t happen overnight. If you want to lose weight in a safe and healthy way, which is also sustainable long-term, to look your best for summer — start today! Not only will you have more time and not have to do an unhealthy crash diet, but there are heaps of other benefits as well.

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7 Benefits of Getting Fit for Summer & Staying That Way

1. Those who exercise more sleep better

Did you know that regular exercise improves your sleep and vice versa? Numerous studies have shown this. Plus: Beauty sleep really exists! When you sleep, your body releases growth hormones. And it is precisely these hormones which are responsible (along with many other amazing benefits) for skin regeneration.

2. Fitness strengthens your relationship

The benefits of training together with your partner go far beyond just positively transforming your body. Working out together is fun, can strengthen your relationship, builds team spirit and is a source of mutual support. Not in a relationship? No problem — the same goes for good friends, too. Check out these 5 reasons why you should work out with your friends.

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3. Runners are better in bed

In one survey, 68% of the runners reported feeling more sexually aroused after a run — all the more reason to date a runner. It is also a fact that fitness is good for your self-perception. With regular exercise, you’re sure to feel more self-confident.

4. Show off your taut backside with pride

Yeah, we know, it’s not only about looks. But still, a tight tush is a worthy goal, isn’t it? A firm booty looks better in your skinny jeans and bikini and even helps prevent injury and improve performance. So we definitely advise that you never skip leg day! You can find short, intense workouts for lifting and toning your bum in our Results app or specifically target the booty using the Workout Creator feature.

5. Reaching your goals = more reason to celebrate

All the hard work you are putting into bettering yourself has to be rewarded properly! How about treating yourself to a new pair of running shoes, training clothes or a stylish new gym bag? No matter what you choose, the main thing is that you celebrate the goals you achieve (even the small wins). This will increase your motivation and keep you on the ball.

6. Stress relief

Your daily routine can often be quite stressful. A meeting here, a new project at work there, plus doing the laundry and taking care of the whole family. That can really be exhausting. One way to reduce stress and take some time for yourself is to do a little exercise. Running can be a great way to get some fresh air and clear your mind. Not interested in that “runner’s high” everyone is talking about? You can try one of these 6 workouts after a stressful day.

 7. Your body will be bursting with energy

Once you make regular exercise and a healthy diet part of your daily routine, you will definitely notice a difference in your energy and happiness level — presuming you’re also getting enough sleep. Start your day off with a quick, energizing morning workout, find ways to move more throughout your work day and conveniently train anywhere with bodyweight training. Perhaps you’ll find that you don’t need to reach for that 2nd or 3rd cup of coffee.   

We really hope this will be the year that you’re not frantically rushing to lose weight fast a week before summer. If you start your 12-week Runtastic Results plan today, you’ll be finished just in time for swimsuit season!


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