6 Things You Didn’t Know Yet About the Runtastic App

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Dedicated runner, regular cyclist or fitness novice? You’re sure to know the Runtastic app and may even have tried it out. Are all the features clear to you or have a few questions popped up while using the app? Story Running or Interval Training – you can find the answers to all your questions here.

1. What are Story Runs and how do they work?
Runtastic Story Runs add variety to your running routine. Listen as you run and become the protagonist of one of the exciting stories. Without even knowing it, you will complete an entire interval training session. The Story Runs are available in German and English. They are free for Premium Members, but you can also purchase them individually.

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2. How can I share my successes in social networks?
iOS users can share their achievements on Facebook and Twitter or via email and WhatsApp. After you finish an activity, the share screen appears automatically and suggests different options for sharing your results. On this screen, you can also add a comment like “I felt really good today,” and then share it on the social network of your choice. What if you don’t want your friends on Facebook or Twitter to see your activity? You can also select this option on the same screen. By the way, the app cannot share your activities automatically and without your consent.

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3. How does Interval Training work?
Interval Training helps you boost your performance. A mix of fast and slow intervals pushes your heart and muscles more than a workout at a constant pace. In the Runtastic app, as a Premium member you can choose between trying out one of the preset intervals and creating your own intervals by selecting the pace and speed at which you want to run.

4. What is LIVE Tracking? Who can see this activity?
When you activate LIVE Tracking in your app, your friends can follow your activity live. They see where you are currently running or cycling and can cheer you on with motivational messages. If you want the app to share your activity on Facebook, you need to select this option separately.

5. I want to connect my Runtastic account with my wearable / Google Fit / Jawbone / Apple Health. How does it work?
In the Runtastic app, go to “Settings” and select “Partner Accounts.” Here, you can select the relevant partner account for iOS or Android you would like to connect your Runtastic account with. Directly above Partner Accounts in “Settings,” you will find the “Connect Smartwatch” option, which allows you to connect your Smartwatch with the Runtastic app. And the “Runtastic Wearables” option connects your Orbit or Moment with the app and allows you to choose which data you would like to see on your wearable.

6. How can I restore in-app purchases in iOS?
Have you changed phones? In the Runtastic app, you can restore all the in-app purchases you made. This means, for example, that any Story Runs you bought will be on your new phone. In “Settings,” select “Runtastic.” The “Restore In-App Purchases” option allows you to restore any features you have bought.

So, what are you waiting for – start your workout with the Runtastic app and get fit!


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