7 Ways to Find Your Game Plan for a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Athletic girl once in a satnding position and once in a running position.

It’s impossible to be in control of our circumstances all of the time. Just when we may think we have everything under control, life throws us a curveball and we find ourselves in a new, challenging and sometimes stressful situation. Perhaps it’s a new job, moving to a new house, a change in your working schedule or – in my case – all three…at the same time!

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I started working for Runtastic in 2012 from California. I was making videos for the Runtastic Fitness Channel while simultaneously running my own in-home personal training business in southern California. Then in 2014, I decided that I wanted to be a part of the Runtastic team and spirit every day – so I packed all of my belongings in two giant suitcases and moved to Linz, Austria.

I went from working out all the time, moving and motivating non-stop to working inside an office at Runtastic headquarters. Talk about a change of environment. I felt like I had to really pump the breaks, focus and learn to work in an environment that was totally foreign to me. Before Runtastic, I had never had an office job.

Group of colleagues at a meeting in the office

Well, I knew I wasn’t the only person to ever experience a job and lifestyle shift, so I was determined to make it work and feel comfortable for me. Don’t get me wrong, it was difficult and I experienced some tough times – but it was possible and ultimately rewarding. That’s why I want to share these seven ways to get your game plan on point and stay fit, healthy and happy regardless of your lifestyle or phases of transition.

      • Make a plan and put it in your calendar: Yes, I put all of my workouts in my work calendar. Before I moved to Linz, I could basically work out whenever I wanted. Now, I have lots of meetings and work that needs to get done that requires me to sit at a desk. My workouts are just as important to me as other appointments; therefore, they go in the calendar and they get done.
      • Move as much as you can: Our Communications team here at Runtastic does walking meetings each week. Instead of updating each other in a meeting room, we do it in the fresh air and get more steps. Additionally, we have standing desks and a treadmill desk in the office that I use every chance I get.
      • Train with your colleagues: On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we train together outside on the Danube River with others from the Linz community using the Runtastic Results app. On Wednesdays, we do an hour of yoga together and, additionally, many of us also get together for weekly lunch or post-work runs. #strongertogether
      • (But also) train alone: It’s important to also have your alone time to focus and rejuvenate. This is especially important for me because sometimes things at work get stressful and I need a break. Yes, sometimes I need to get away from it all and just do my thing. Finding your perfect mix is totally necessary (don’t feel bad for saying “no” to invites sometimes!) and essential to maintaining a healthy balance.
      • Plan your meals ahead of time: This is something I have practiced for a long time. When I was personal training, I was always driving from client to client and eating my homemade food in my car. But, in an office environment, the temptations are constant. It’s always someone’s birthday, so cake and chocolate aren’t hard to come by. It’s important for me to have my own food, my own healthy treats and my own meals and snacks planned out, so I don’t reach for any of the temptations. Occasionally it’s okay, but not every day and not if you aren’t making the time to do numbers 1-4 (see above!).
      • Be flexible, but consistent: Sometimes there will be a last-minute deadline or a crazy project that interferes with your workouts. It’s okay to reschedule and be flexible; however, don’t use unexpected obstacles as an excuse to not get your workout done. We are all busy and work can get exhausting, but we still make time for our health and fitness, right? Make the time.
      • Accept challenges: Every day I learn something new. Most often, I am learning which areas are my weaknesses… I’ve got a lot of them. (Don’t we all?) When I am in the gym or doing a bodyweight training workout, I love to train my weaknesses. If something is hard, I want to do more of it until I am better. That’s how I try to view my work at the office, too. Pretend like that hard project is a really tough workout. Breathe through it, get it done and celebrate afterwards. We’re all works in progress and we should strive to be the best at getting better!

Group of friends doing a workout together.

I expect that this won’t be the only time in my life that I find myself in an unfamiliar environment and situation. The key is just to think positive and to adapt. My dad used to always tell me, “Lunden, find a way!” That’s what I think of when I want to complain or make an excuse. There’s always a way to find your unique game plan. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and make it happen!

Athletic girl once in a standing position and once in a running position.

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