8 Fun and Interesting Facts About the Runtasty App

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We can’t think about our Runtasty app without getting hungry, can you? If you haven’t already, you definitely have to download and start cooking with our free Runtasty app today! You might be wondering where the idea for the app came from, who’s the chef behind the “mysterious Runtasty hands” and how to find the perfect recipes just for you! So, we’ve broken down some of the FAQs surrounding our Runtasty app – making cooking sexy and simple!


Runtasty App FAQs

1. Where did the idea for the Runtasty app come from?

The Runtasty app started out as a DONI idea here at Runtastic. Every couple months we have our Day Of New Ideas (DONI) where Runtastics are encouraged to bring their best ideas to life! We must say we have come up with some pretty amazing ideas during those days. Initially, it started as an idea for a video series on social media and YouTube. The views and engagement proved that you guys absolutely loved these videos, so we thought the logical next step was to create an app.

2. How can I save my favorites?

At the bottom right corner of each recipe image and video, you will find a heart icon. Tap this icon and the recipe will automatically be saved to your favorites for safe keeping. We plan on adding many more new recipes to this app, so be sure to mark your favorites so you can easily go back to the “Favorites” tab and have all of them in one spot.

3. I have celiac’s disease and cannot eat gluten – are there recipes for me as well?

Definitely! We have a whole category created just for gluten-free recipes!

4. Whose hands are those cooking up all the delicious recipes?

It’s a secret! Just kidding! Those magical cooking hands are of our beloved dietitian, Julia! She’s also a regular contributor to our blog giving you great information about eating healthy at a restaurant, what your food cravings actually mean and much more.

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5. What do the icons mean?

We have created icons to make sorting through recipes a breeze. Gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free, post-workout and more can be identified at a quick glance. Check out this table below for the key to all the icons.

Runtasty Icons

6. Are there only recipes in the app?

Great question! We also have how-to videos providing you with helpful cooking hacks. You can learn how to cut an onion, how to cook the perfect steak, how to poach an egg and much more!

7. Are there recipes for every meal of the day?

You got it! Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are all covered. There are specific categories for all of them as well for easy navigation.

8. Is there an in-app purchase to get more recipes?

Nope. Every single recipe and how-to video is completely free! We know how important healthy eating is to your fitness goals and this is our gift to you! We hope you love it as much as we do.

Is your stomach growling yet? Download the free Runtasty app today and start cooking your way to a fitter, healthier and happier you!

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