8 Questions That Every Female Runner Has Asked Herself

Young woman stretching after her workout.

Are you a passionate runner? And do you sometimes ask yourself questions like what you should eat before a run? Or whether it is better to train with or without a plan? For this week’s instalment of “Your Healthiest & Happiest #RuntasticSummer2016” series, we asked our female Runtastic users what they would like to know from us. Read the eight most frequently asked questions and their answers below!

Young woman stretching after her workout.

1. “What should I eat or drink before a run?”
Generally, it is a good idea to eat something easily digestible before working out. Before a morning run, eat a piece of bread with jam or a small serving of sugar-free cornflakes with skim milk. If you plan to run in the afternoon or in the evening, try a piece of bread with low-fat cheese or spread. Eating a banana about a half hour before running gives you additional power. You should definitely avoid fatty foods: they just sit in your stomach like a lump. After your workout, you can also drink a homemade isotonic drink.

2. “How do I choose the right sports bra?”
When buying a sports bra, you should pay attention to more than just the color 😉 Because our breasts move in three different directions when running (and playing sports in general), the right bra should provide optimal support – and not just for large bra sizes.
The ideal sports bra doesn’t just depend on cup size (like many believe), but more importantly on the bottom band and the back design: racerback models or cross-back bras are perfect for equally distributing the weight of your breasts.

Young woman running by the sea.

3. “I am a recreational runner and have been struggling with knee pain for a while. What can I do about it?”
This is not uncommon as nearly every second runner complains of runner’s knee. The main thing is to not ignore the pain and let a doctor check it out. The good news is that most of the time knee problems respond well to recovery and physical therapy. Try adding some variety to your running training with a combination of coordination, agility and strength exercises. As a Premium Member, you have access to 70+ Running ABC Videos exclusively covering these topics.

4. “It may be a dumb question, but what should I do with my hair? What is the perfect hairstyle for working out?”
There are no things such as dumb questions! 🙂 If the length allows, you should definitely tie your hair back. Otherwise, it might get tangled in the wind. Many female runners find that a pony tail doesn’t really get the job done: as you run, the pony tail can slide down towards your neck. A braided pony tail or a bun are both good sports hairstyles. The best thing is to use two hair ties for extra hold. But be careful not to pull your hair too tight! This can give you a headache. Additionally, if you want to keep your hair out of your eyes, a headband can also be worn. They come in a lot of really cool patterns and colors and can add a bit of style to your running attire. Would you also like to know what to do with your hair after your workout? In this video, we have put together some tips and tricks.

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5. “My running tights don’t have pockets, and I usually run without a jacket. Where should I store my key?”
This question pops up from time to time in the Runtastic team and has been the subject of much discussion 😉 For even if you do have a pocket, most of the time it is too tiny for the key… Here are two secret tricks: tuck your key into the waistband of your tights and fold them over, or string it into your shoe laces before you tie them. 

6. “Hill running – yes or no?”
It depends on your running performance. But you should definitely try running hills or steep inclines. The training effect will be tremendous because it really stimulates your body. Plus, you will improve your conditioning and your coordination. Getting off paved trails and roads engages your entire body and improves your coordination skills. Adding some variety to your running routine is more effective than always running the same route or distance. So we can clearly answer this question with a resounding “yes.”

7. “Should I run with or without a training plan?”
A training plan is a good idea if you are training with a specific goal in mind, like a 10K race or a half marathon. A plan helps you to train consistently and regularly and keep your goal in sight. If you are running for fun, as a way to relieve stress, or just to do your body some good, then you don’t necessarily need a plan. But make sure to listen to your body’s signals and give your body the rest and recovery it needs after a run.

Running woman. Female runner jogging during outdoor workout on beach.

8. “Can I go running during my period? What do I need to consider?”
Basically, there is no reason why you can’t run during your period. On the contrary, exercise can even help you reduce your stomach pain. Plus, your body releases endorphins when you run, which will immediately improve your mood (which is usually not so good anyway during that time of the month 😉 ). Thus, exercise is always a good thing! But when you are deciding how much to exercise, the best thing is to go with how you feel.

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