8 Tips for Keeping Your Desired Weight

Have you lost weight with Runtastic and the new Results training app? Congratulations! You can be proud of yourself. There are a couple of tricks to keep the lost pounds from returning, so you can maintain your new desired weight permanently.

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1. Stay active

Have you lost weight over the last weeks and want to maintain your new weight permanently? To avoid falling back into old habits, it is important to stay active and stick with your fitness routine. You should get 150 minutes of activity every week – that’s about 20 minutes per day.

2. Monitoring is good, but feeling well is better

Have you reached your goal and would love to maintain it in the long run? Of course, you do! Stepping on the scale is one good way to monitor your weight, but it shouldn’t become part of your daily routine. Listen to your body instead and focus on your personal well-being.

3. Choose the right foods

You shouldn’t feel like you always have to choose between the double cream and the light version. When grocery shopping, pay attention to the ingredients of your food. The shorter the list, the better. Foods in their natural state are the best way to eat healthy. Have you ever heard of clean eating? Avoid products with a lot of fat and sugar and opt for alternatives. Choosing low-fat turkey instead of salami saves calories, without sacrificing taste – because you should still enjoy eating.

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4. Watch out for old habits

Not everyone manages to stay slim in the long run. People often catch themselves falling back into their old routines… Hold on to your newfound happiness. If you don’t want to give into old habits, you have to remain steadfast. It’s not always hunger that makes you reach for those fatty snacks and sugary sweets, but habit, too.

5. Cook yourself

Convenience foods often contain lots of calories and more sugar and fat than you would like. To cut down on calories and do something good for your health, try cooking at home with fresh ingredients.

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6. Focus on relaxation and sleep

Too much stress at work and at home is not good for your figure. In stressful situations, your body produces hormones that promote fat storage. As you probably know, when we are stressed, we reach for unhealthy snacks. Make sure to give your body the time and relaxation it needs to recover.

7. Take your time eating

People who rush through lunch often end up eating more than they need to satisfy their hunger. Take your time when you eat and chew thoroughly. A study has found that slow eaters consume up to 10% less calories. The reason is simple: It takes about 20 minutes before the signal reaches our brain telling it we are full. If you eat too fast, you will continue to eat long after reaching the point of fullness.

8. Eating too little is counterproductive

Many people think that cutting back on how much they eat can help them maintain their weight permanently, but this is a fallacy. A minimum amount of energy is necessary for your body to function properly. If your body does not get the energy it requires, it will lower its energy needs. By eating too little, you lower your basal metabolic rate. As soon as you begin eating more food again, your body will start to crave the extra calories. Before you know it, you will start putting on weight rapidly – say hello to another victim of the yo-yo effect. Balanced meals, sufficient protein and regular training help you keep your basal metabolic rate steady and avoid the dreaded yo-yo effect. Skipping meals, thank God, is not the solution!

Do you know other ways of maintaining your weight that could help other users? Share your tips with us in the comment section below.


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