9 Fitness And Food Trends This Spring

Ein Mädchen dass sich vor dem Laufen dehnt.

You’ve increased the intensity of your workouts? You’ve tried workouts using your own bodyweight? Well, you’re in line with the trend, then! Read on to find out what else is totally in right now and get all the must-try fitness and nutrition trends for this spring.

Yoga, HIIT, intuitive eating or flexible dieting? Yep, it’s all on our list!



Fit without a gym, ideal fat burning workouts, wearables, recovery phases and yoga – these are among the most popular topics in springtime.

Workout with your own bodyweight

With no equipment & no gym, bodyweight training moves are a trending topic when it comes to exercising. Why? Because you don’t need any gadgets or equipment and can do all exercises in the comfort of your own home. That’s not only a huge money saver but also a time saver. Plus, bodyweight training is fun and just as effective (or even more) as a visit to the gym!


A lot of people dream of less fat and more muscles. The sooner the better, of course. A quick and efficient way to reach this goal is the so-called High-Intensity Interval Training (aka HIIT). These training sessions are composed of intervals with short, intensive exercises as well as less intense moves or breaks. A HIIT workout usually lasts less than 30 minutes – ideal for busy people!


In addition, fitness trackers are increasingly popular. No wonder, they provide information on your daily activity and steps while motivating you to do even more for your health.


Recovery phases

Runtastic Fitness Coach Lunden knows why recovery and fitness go together: “Many people push through different types of very intense workouts and feel sore afterwards. Stretching, yoga, relaxation exercises or massages all produce relief. Even runners increasingly focus on recovery as well as cross training to protect their bodies during intensive workouts.”


Yoga and its teachings have been around for a very long time, yet this mix of strengthening, stretching and relaxing moves is still extremely popular. Yoga fans can choose between an endless seeming palette of different yoga types. Of course, the same goes for newbies: Why not dive into power yoga, bikram or hot yoga, ashtanga yoga or yogilates? By the way, have you checked out our yoga poses for runners yet?


Active people who care for their health and fitness often set great value upon their nutrition, too. This spring, intuitive eating, health-promoting foods and flexible dieting are the name(s) of the game. An increasing number of people also opt for diets free of gluten, histamine or lactose.

Intuitive eating

Not a fad diet, but a method that promotes one’s own gut feeling, intuitive eating is all about listening to your body to lose weight. We shall feel and experience when our body needs energy and food, how it feels to be hungry or full. Sounds interesting? Indeed! Get further information on intuitive eating on the Runtastic blog.

Foods with healing powers

The Brazilian pawpaw, also called prickly custard apple, is a spiky, green fruit with a white flesh. It is said to be more effective than chemotherapy. The seeds of the chia plant are increasingly popular, too — a superfood packed with nutrients that is highly valuable for runners. Or, have you tried matcha tea? Matcha refers to a powder made of finely grated green tea leaves. This tea, used in Japanese tea ceremonies, is said to have positive effects on human health. Green tea contains lots of catechins, a potent disease-fighting flavonoid & antioxidant, improves our mood, boosts metabolism and boasts many more valuable properties.

 Runtastic Nutrition

Flexible dieting 

As the name suggests, flexible dieting promotes a flexible approach to nutrition. With the help of a nutrition diary, on your computer or with an app, you can log your daily food intake and work on reaching your daily goal with whatever foods you’d like. You choose if you’d rather monitor your entire calorie intake or if you want to distinguish between proteins, carbohydrates and fat, or both. Want more detailed information? Let guest blogger, Nina Silic, introduce you to flexible dieting and learn how she found a balanced approach to nutrition and fitness.

Vegan diet

More and more people try a different approach by turning to a vegan diet. Whereas vegetarians renounce fish and meat, vegans completely do without animal products. And they’re gaining ground: The boom for this nutrition trend might be due to numerous food and meat scandals in recent times, as well as to the consumers’ increased ecological awareness. By now, most restaurants offer both vegetarian and vegan alternatives, and delicious vegan recipes are flooding the internet and cook book market. Actually, you can prepare most traditional dishes with vegan substitutes: Try vegan cookies, pumpkin chili or veggie wraps!

Now you’re up to date on all up and coming fitness & nutrition trends for spring! Found something interesting? Try it out for yourself and start living a healthier, fitter life!


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