9 Tips To Boost Motivation & Promote A Healthy Mindset

Not motivated all the time to get in your workout? Well, neither are we. It’s impossible to stay super motivated all the time, but it’s no secret that exercise is an integral part of healthy living.  So, we have some great tools and tricks to help you get over those slumps, get on with your workout and move onward towards your goals.

1. Start small

So, you haven’t worked out in a while, aren’t motivated and don’t know where to start? No big deal, we’ve all been there and you just have to remember that something is always better than nothing. Start out with a brisk walk after work or maybe an easy hike on the weekend. You don’t have to go full force Crossfit or become a parkour master tomorrow. Just do a little bit here and there to get you into the habit of making time for yourself and your fitness.

2. Phone a friend

Call up a friend that you know you can count on to join you for a workout. This could be a friend who also wants to get into shape or a friend that you know already works out regularly. No matter who it is, make sure it’s someone who won’t back out on you and won’t let you back out either – we all need people like that in our lives anyway. Don’t have a friend you can count on? What about man’s best friend, your dog!

3. Try something new & FUN

Does your lack of motivation stem from the fact that you don’t want to be in the gym or go out for a run? No problem, there are plenty of other activities out there that don’t require a gym that you can do such as: biking, hiking, body weight training, Zumba, martial arts, swimming, playing squash, pole fitness and more! You want to do something that you enjoy not that you dread.

4. Keep a journal

Before you head out for you workout write down how you feel and do the same after your workout. Oftentimes you’ll notice that before the workout you may be feeling “tired, lazy, stressed out and not in the mood for a workout,” and then after you are feeling “energized, happy and refreshed.” This is a great tool to use for those days when you REALLY don’t feel like working out. Look back on how you felt after your last workout and you’re sure to want to replicate that feeling again.

5. Set goals & keep them EVERYWHERE

Write down your weekly goals and put them everywhere – yes everywhere! In your car, at work, on the bathroom mirror, in your wallet, etc. That way you are constantly reminded of what you are working towards and why lack of motivation shouldn’t stop you from reaching your goals. It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it in the end.

6. Begin every workout with an intention

Take a minute or two to close your eyes and set your intention for your workout. Are you trying to release stress, improve your 5K time, lift a little bit heavier or just do your best? Whatever it is, meditate on it for a moment and really get your mind focused in the right direction.

7. Get your family involved

Make getting healthy a family affair. This is especially important if you have kids (or younger relatives) that look up to you. You want to set a good example, right? Spend time playing outside, or doing a playground workout while the kids are playing at the park, for example. What about a family bike ride or roller blading session? Create a support system and a team and motivate each other to be as fit and healthy as possible.

8. A fit body = a fit mind

Working out and getting strong and fit transcends into so many other areas of your life. If you can fight through a tough workout, you will have the confidence to tackle big projects at work or even communication problems with your partner, a family member or friends. If you can focus on you and make yourself a priority, you really can do anything!

9. Expect upsets & tough times

Please don’t assume this journey will always be rainbows and butterflies – it won’t! So, if you have that mindset, you won’t be upset or discouraged when those troubled times do come knocking, you’ll be ready for them.

We hope these tips helped shift your focus a bit and made you realize you really can step up and make time for your health and fitness. No, there isn’t anyone out there who is always motivated so don’t get frustrated if you fall into some rough patches. Be sure to come back and check out our blog regularly, as we are always posting new insightful information to help you out. In addition, subscribe to our Runtastic Fitness YouTube Channel where our Fitness Coach Lunden posts weekly quick workouts, healthy recipes & personal insights. You’re sure to find success and get into your fitness groove with Runtastic.


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