9 Tips For A Unique Mother’s Day

Sunday is the day, when every Mum is a queen. You’ve probably already racked your brain about what you could do to make her day a special pleasure, right? If you do not know yet or want to add something to your present, we have put together a few useful tips for you.

Every Mum has her own idea of the perfect day… Breakfast in bed, sleeping in late, a giant bouquet of flowers and taking a day off from household chores belong to the standard program of Mother’s Day. But, let’s be honest, the best gift is spending time together. Some quality time with you is something your Mum is sure to love.

Bike tour with surprises
If the weather is fine, a bike ride is always a nice idea. You can pre-pack a picnic basket at home, or you bike to a restaurant (don’t forget to make a reservation, as next Sunday there will be plenty of people everywhere). Those who want to surprise their mums can hide little gifts on the way – for example a little bouquet of flowers or a lovely message. If you want to do something extraordinary, you can organize a scavenger hunt for your mum. Hide different clues that she has to find while on the bike – and, of course, join her and give her advice in case she is stumped. At the end of the trip enjoy a well-deserved lunch in a good restaurant or at a park.

High rope course
Maybe you want to try something different this year? A trip to a high rope course promises fun & plenty of action. Together you can overcome different stations between the trees, challenge yourselves and push your limits. You will always remember an adventure like this!

Gardening together
Being outside, enjoying the sun and planting flowers together, how’s that sound? Digging in the ground is a great balance to a stressful day and actually very relaxing. While you’re planting new things, sprinkling seeds and clearing the weeds, you’re even getting in a workout. Together this is not only more fun, but you can also look forward to blooming plants in a few weeks and think back to that great day.

Mothers Day

Tennis, yoga, miniature golf, running
Your mum loves sports? Then organize a tennis or yoga lesson for the two of you. If she loves running or has been talking about starting, register for a Mother’s Day Run or head out for a run together. Maybe you’d rather do something with the entire family? Try out miniature golf or bowling.

Hike to a flower meadow
Don’t buy flowers this year, but use the time together to do a nice hike with your family. Plan the route beforehand and surprise your mama with this idea: Plan to walk by a flower meadow, on which you can pick the flowers for your mum on your own and create a nice bouquet on the spot. On your way, you can have exciting conversations and take the time to catch up. Did you know that it is easier to acquire healthy habits by using the support of the family? If you are not already a fit and active family, then Mother’s Day is the first chance to pull together and reach your goals.

Summer rodeling
On the spectacular drive into the valley on a summer rodel you can expect an adrenaline rush and a smile on everyone’s face – your parents, you and of course your younger siblings. You can combine this trip easily with a little hike by hiking up the mountain instead of using the lift. This not only saves money, but also burns a lot of calories – then you can grab an ice cream together afterwards.

Runtastic Mother's Day

For those who are looking for a slightly more adventurous activity, you should try a rafting trip. Usually, tours for both beginners and advanced rafters are offered. For those who are extra brave and in for rafting runs through gorges an challenging passages, wildwater rafting is a memorable experience.

Time to play
After having lunch and a little walk, you have the whole afternoon ahead of you. No matter if the weather is good or bad, dig out your mum’s favorite games (cards or board game) and play some fun games with the entire family. If the sun is shining, you can do this on the balcony, in the garden or even set up a picnic blanket outdoors. Too little action? Go for a badminton match, then!

Successful completion
Pouring rain, you’ve played the whole afternoon and you don’t have any idea what to do in the evening? This may sound boring, but: Turn on the TV! Not any program, of course – choose your mum’s favorite movie and enjoy it together. Maybe you even find some recordings of you and your siblings when you were kids? Take a trip down memory lane together! Sounds nice, right? Maybe you’re all restless from sitting & want to move a little bit? Then start that workout DVD and get moving. Just imagine your whole family jumping around in front of the TV and doing the workout together – sounds like fun, or?!

Did you find something on this list for you and your mum? We definitely want to encourage you to seize this special day to dome something active together. What’s your Mother’s Day tradition? Share it with us in the comments and give helpful advice to other readers.


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