How to Get a Six Pack If You’re Over 40: A Success Story

Getting a six pack after the age of 40?

Many think it’s mission impossible, but Hannes set his goal…

“I’ve been trying to get a six pack all my life and I never succeeded. Now, at 45, I decided to finally make it happen”

To make it even harder — Hannes decided to get a six pack in just 12 weeks

And he did!

Check out his amazing before/after transformation and scroll down to find out how he did it — and how you can get abs even if you’re over 40, too.

Here’s an overview video of Hannes’s successful fitness journey, with workouts & nutrition details explained below:



How to get a six pack even if you’re over 40: the workout

Hannes was following a 12-week bodyweight training plan from the adidas Training app.

Here is what his workouts looked like:

  • 5 workouts per week
  • 8-20 min workout duration
  • Bodyweight exercises only

In addition, Hannes ran and walked 2-5 times per week, whenever his time and energy allowed. He used every opportunity to get moving, even if it meant walking for just 10 minutes. In the end, this habit contributed to his amazing success, because every active minute counts.

Key point:

Including interval runs in his workout schedule made a noticeable difference. Find out why interval training is so good for weight loss.

You might be thinking, “but, I’m a total beginner”… well, so was Hannes.

Week by week

The 1st week was really tough. In the 2nd and 3rd weeks Hannes already started noticing his fitness level increasing. In the following weeks the workouts started being even more intense to ensure steady progress. By week 6 Hannes said he didn’t need any motivation anymore — working out almost every day turned into a habit.

How to get a six pack even if you’re over 40: the diet

No matter how many times it’s said, it is worth repeating — six pack abs are made with nutrition, not just by working out. Hannes excelled here as well.

Here’s what he did:

  • Tracked all his meals
  • Ensured a steady deficit of ~500 calories each day

Does this mean he only ate salad? Of course not. If you’re afraid that maintaining a calorie deficit means eating only salad, check out these healthy lunch recipes that are not salad.

Helpful insight:

Hannes decided to go vegetarian during his 12-week challenge. He didn’t regret it and thinks that it helped him stay on track during his journey.

Is there a “perfect” diet? Here’s what you should know about diets if you want to get a six pack.

Success is earned

In 12 weeks Hannes managed to lose 10 kg / 22 lbs and reveal his six pack. But it wasn’t easy, he was very disciplined and motivated, even when problems arose.

Everyone has setbacks

Winter began half-way through his journey. Hannes didn’t give up his runs or walks, even when his favorite park was covered in snow. He also caught a brief cold and even the flu. Both times he took needed rest and slowly returned to his plan without giving up!

Want to give it a try and show the world how motivated you are in just 12 weeks? Get your personalized training plan in the adidas Training app!


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