adidas Runners Community: Be There and Feel the Team Spirit!

Adidas Runners in Runtastic App

The global “adidas Runners Community” is now available in the Runtastic app!

Join a motivated community, participate in running events, and reach adidas Runners levels that can give you benefits.

What is adidas Runners?

With its adidas Runners communities, adidas has been supporting running beginners and enthusiasts in dozens of different cities around the globe for years. After acquiring Runtastic in 2015, bringing the fitness app provider’s huge international online community and adidas Runners closer together to create a globally connected community of runners was a natural strategic and also consumer-centric decision.

How to find adidas Runners communities in the Runtastic app

Open the Runtastic app and select “Profile”. Click on “Groups & Communities” and then on “Discover adidas Runners”. Here you will find a list of all adidas Runners communities. Search for one nearby and click “Join”. If the selected adidas Runners community has a Runbase, you will find the exact GPS coordinates directly in the community.

Look for the three dots in the upper right corner of the respective AR community. Tap the dots and then select “Invite Members”. This way you can invite friends to join the community. Select your Runtastic friends by clicking the “+” next to their names. If you want to invite friends you aren’t connected to in the Runtastic app, select “Invite others with a link.”  

Good to know

The first time you join an adidas Runners community in the Runtastic app, you need to connect your Runtastic account to an adidas account. If you don’t have an adidas account yet, you can set it up during the connection process.

Important: First you need to confirm your Runtastic email address (you will find an email for this in your inbox after registering). You must be at least 18 years old to join the adidas Runners community.

Start running and reach the next adidas Runners Level

Now you can get motivated by a great community: join an event (Upcoming Events) in the adidas Runners community, participate in it, and track your AR Run with the Runtastic app.

You will reach different adidas Runners Levels, depending on how many events you participate in:

adidas Runners Levels

You will receive great offline and online benefits (e.g. adidas Runners t-shirts, Runtastic Premium memberships, invitations to running events) for the individual levels! By the way, participation is completely free of charge.

adidas Runners communities on Facebook

Every adidas Runners community also has a Facebook page where you can ask questions, chat with fellow runners, and stay updated on new developments. To display the Facebook page, select “View Facebook Page” in the AR community.

What are you waiting for? Join adidas Runners and track your runs with Runtastic!


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