Alfred’s Success Story: “How weight loss and sports became fun!”

On July 9th, 2012, I was admitted to the local hospital because of an emergency heart condition. I felt as if a truck had run over my chest.  At that time I weighed about 254lb (115kg) and was a smoker.  One weekly visit to the gym for strength training was my only sport activity.

After the operation (they inserted a stent), I immediately stopped smoking and unfortunately, this lead to even more weight gain.  When my scale stopped at 287lb (130kg) in March 2013 (the scales limit…), I knew I had to do something.  So I started walking: at first one hour per day, then every time a bit longer.

Today I weigh 220lb (100kg) and walk 6.6 miles (10.6km) daily, which takes me, on average, 1h 30min.  I have already participated in two sports events and feel as fit as a fiddle again!  Since August, I have also been documenting my progress with Runtastic.  And you know what?  THIS is how weight loss and sports became fun!!! By the way, I have been able to reduce my pant size from 58/60, with an elastic waistband, to a size 54! Plus, I got rid of my old size XXL sports shorts (or even XXXL), and proudly wear a size M now. It feels just great!


Alfred's Success Story


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