Allianz World Run: Let’s Explore the World Together!

allianz world run

Runners around the globe share the same passion for moving and exploring. What if we could use it to improve the lives of children in need?

The World Run unites all continents to create a better future for the explorers of tomorrow. Join the Allianz World Run and let’s collect our running kilometers for charity!

Allianz World Run – what is it?

Now a global, digital competition, the Allianz World Run initially started as an Allianz employee event. This year it is open for everyone around the globe!  

Started on July 26, for 90 days we will run, hike, and walk on 5 continents and track our local acitivites for a greater cause.

How the competition works

  • Each continent represents a separate team. A specific charity project is assigned to each team, based on the location.
  • Feel free to join any continent your heart beats for. Track your kilometers and help your team reach charity milestones.
  • Each charity milestone equals a certain amount of donations for the SOS Children’s Village located on that specific continent. An overview of the SOS Children’s Villages, milestones, and donations is available in the Allianz World Run FAQs.

allianz world run

Why should you participate?

Participate in the Allianz World Run and you can:

  • Develop new healthy habits and get fitter
  • Use your runs to raise charity donations. How? All kilometers that you track directly benefit an SOS Children’s Village project!
  • Help us break a world record! Our goal is to set a world record for the “longest cumulated distance run by one team in 90 days” (approved by the Records Institute of Germany).
  • Enter the raffle and win a special trip…

Win an amazing trip by tracking your activities:

  • Get active and you can collect badges! Tracking activities (running, walking, and hiking) can earn you badges. Check the FAQs for more information.
  • The best 100 male and 100 female participants on each team will be entered in the raffle.
  • 2 participants per team (one male and one female) will be chosen as winners.
  • The winners will get a trip to the SOS Children’s Village that their team contributed to. They will get a chance to explore it first hand!

Besides tracking your activities, you can support the cause by making a direct donation to SOS Children’s Villages. More information on making donations is available in the FAQs.

How can you participate?

If you want to make your activities count for the Allianz World Run, track them with the Runtastic app. This is how it works:

  • Register on the Allianz World Run website. Choose your team.
  • Connect the Allianz World Run to a Runtastic account. If you don’t have a Runtastic account yet, register with Runtastic first.
  • Download the free Runtastic running app. Use it to track your running, walking and hiking activities.
  • Go out and explore to collect kilometers and help your team reach charity milestones!

Want more information about the World Run?

For more information about SOS Children’s Village projects, badges, charity milestones, registration… and all other questions regarding the Allianz World Run check the Allianz World Run FAQ. 

Ready to #ExploreWithUs?

Let’s explore our neighborhood and the trails hidden in the woods.

Let’s explore team spirit, friendship, and the powerful feeling of tackling challenges.

Last but not least, let’s explore our hearts and our empathy.

Because we believe: explorers run the world.



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