Great Warriors ! Trio Southeastern wins Amazonia Kirimbawa competition

Relying on the consistency of its three members, team Xingu beat off many natural adversities and won the title of Red Bull Amazonia Kirimbawa

The temperature of 36oC , the high humidity and a distance of nearly two hundred kilometers inside the Amazon rainforest were a very big challenge for almost a third of the teams , who failed to complete the first edition of the Red Bull Kirimbawa Amazon , which happened on Saturday.

Kirimbawa Runtastic

Twenty-one of the thirty teams reached the end of the race and now deserve the title of “Kirimbawa” that means great warrior in the indian language. One team, however, has more reasons to celebrate than all others.

Adalto Roberto, a mountain racer from Rio de Janeiro, Thiago Aroeira, a mountain biker from Minas Gerais and Marcelo Lins, a kayaker from Sao Paulo – who made up the Xingu team – completed the race under twelve hours and were left with the title of the competition.

First of the three to participate in the event , Roberto Adalto ended in seventh position. After starting at 3am on tribe Inhaã – Bé and having to go through much of the 50 km of the race still in the dark , the athlete evaluated the competition as one of the most complicated he has ever done in his life .

” Especially the first few miles , with many natural obstacles and the dark were very challenging . But I had a lot of confidence in my team members and I knew that if I made a constant track we would be in the title race”, he said.

Then it was time for Thiago Aroeira to face 86km of mountain biking and reduce the distance to the leaders. He left his team in fourth place.” Even with the some overtakings the bes moment was undoubtedly when I crossed the finish line ,” he joked , before commenting ohis race.

“The last ten kilometers were certainly the hardest . The track had many ups and downs and the type of floor was very slick and caused the bike to escape all the time. ”

Finally it was the turn of Marcelo Lins which came in fourth place in water and after kayaking 50 km toward rivers Negro , Solimões and Amazon could overcome opponents and finish the race in first place .

“I had never done such a long race in my life and I wasn’t expecting such a good performance . I’m with super wounded hands , suffered a lot with the heat and thirst , but after getting it all off, I really consider myself a warrior ” he celebrated, before being attacked by teammates .

“We all did fine but our differential undoubtedly was Marcelo’s stint. What he did here today was really amazing”, added Roberto.

In second place was the team Tucano , made by Márcio Oliveira in the mountain  paddling racing, Raphael Mosque on the bike and José Marcos Mendes in kayaking. The third place went to Ariranha, made by Alexandre Moura mountain racing, Guilherme Saad mountain biking and Michel Altoé .

Check out the Final Score

Team result

1 – Xingu

2 – Tucano

3 – Ariranha

Female Team Result

1o – Amazonas

2o – Onça Pintada

3o – Arara

Individual – Mountain Race

1o – Fernando Bezerra da Silva

2o – Alexandre Manzan

3o – Israel Barbosa de Deus

Individual – MTB

1o – Orlando Alves Silva

2o – Ricardo Pscheidt

3o – Raphael Mesquita

Individual – Canoeing

1 – Michel Altoé

2 – Marcelo Lins

3 – Remy Lave

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