Angélique’s success story: “Runtastic does make sports funtastic!”

I never understood how people could enjoy running.  If I’d had to describe this activity in two words, I would have said “tiring” and “boring.”

However, two months ago – after years of not doing sports at all – I decided to give it a shot.  “What the hell!” I thought.  “I just need a pair of shorts, running shoes and a t-shirt.”  With some music at the beginning (to avoid boredom) it was still quite difficult to get myself motivated to run every day.

But then I found the Runtastic application and it changed my daily running routine!  I get so motivated by the voice informing me that I have run one more kilometer with a pace of 5:51 minutes/km or an average speed of 10 km/h!!!  No matter how tired I am, I push myself to go farther and reach another motivating personal best!  And when you’re done, then comes the best part: All kinds of statistics organized in accessible and easily understandable tables and charts.  With a simple click, you can see your progression on a weekly or monthly basis!  Now, how awesome is that?

Angelique Ladureau

Thanks to this app, I went from runs of about 10 minutes in length to running a 5k in under 30 minutes – in just two months!  I also participated in my first race where I ranked 163th of 3000 and I just keep getting fitter and fitter!  Next steps?  A 10k in under an hour and… Maybe then my dream body?!

Now I can’t do without my Runtastic App anymore and I use it for all kinds of activities, including: walking, trekking, running, cycling and more!  Runtastic DOES make sports FUNtastic and it makes me incredibly enthusiastic!!


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