New App: Runtastic Butt Trainer


We’ve got your back(side)!

Strength and toning moves are an important part of any health and fitness routine. Use the new Runtastic Butt Trainer to strengthen and define your backside – anytime, anywhere! Whether you’re at the gym or sneaking in a quick workout at home, this great new app will help you keep focused and motivated on your path to improved fitness.

When you download this new, free app, you’ll enjoy these great features and more:

– Lifelike avatar, Angie, guides you through a variety of backside exercises step-by-step
– 50+ HD instructional workout videos
– Adjustable difficulty, three levels of training plans and individual exercises can be filtered for your unique, personal fitness level
– Pre-defined workouts, including: The 7-Minute Workout, Junk in the Trunk and more
– My Workouts: Create customized workouts tailored to your target areas, weight loss goals & daily schedule
– 50+ unique “Tip of the Day” messages

Download your Butt Trainer for FREE today & squat your way to sexy this December!




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