4 Reasons Why Your Fitness Level Is Not A Hiring Criteria

You don’t have to be a runner to work for Runtastic

“Do I have to run a marathon if I want to work for Runtastic?”, “Can I even apply if I don’t do any sports?” or “Will I be forced to participate in team exercises?” While we thought that these questions were kind of a joke, we soon realized that people who’d be interested in working for us because they like our company culture, can relate to our values, or are fascinated by our tech challenges appear to be hesitant about applying, because we consider ourselves a “Health & Fitness Company.”

Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t worry too much and apply for a job even if you are not an active person.

1. We share a vision, not a workout routine

Indeed, we want to make the world a better place and create products that help people on their journey to a healthier life. And while we want everybody working for us to identify with our vision, we would never ask anybody to work out if they do not want to. Because, no, you don’t have to be sporty to work at Runtastic!

Chilling at Runtastic office

Compared to other companies, at Runtastic we probably have a higher rate of very active people. Yet, what actually makes us strong as an organization is that we are also smart, emotionally intelligent, and love what we do (nobody said we were humble…).

“I run sometimes – slower than Internet Explorer on a 56k dial-up modem, but I still run!” our Backend Engineer Georg proudly explained. He would not consider himself sporty at all, yet he is a crucial part of our technical core services team. Without him, many a user would be frustrated about their data not being properly displayed in our apps.

Tech office at Runtastic

After all, we are not just a fitness company, we are also a tech company. That’s why we are always looking for whizz kids who love to collaborate and find solutions together.

2. We are always stronger together

Speaking of finding solutions together, our team is one of the “greatest motivational powers,” as one of our Talent Scouts Marlene points out. While she has now started to work out every now and then, it is our family-like spirit that gives her the greatest strength during her work week.

And while sports lover Luca from User Acquisition has finished his second marathon thanks to motivation from his colleagues (“They make you feel as if you can do anything!”), others frequently use our live cheering feature while chilling at home (or at work). The Cheeromat we invented is, of course, a great help with that.

Cheeromat in Runtstic office

Being a strong part of the team is one of our core values and not only reflected in a fitness or work context. Because sometimes (or rather quite often) just hanging out with each other or having fun at various company events shapes our company culture.

3. We all have different schedules and life goals

We’re all busy, right? And actually it can be quite a challenge to squeeze in a workout when you’re already juggling a career and social/family life. That is another reason why we don’t force anyone to work out or use our products.

We do try to make it easy for everyone if they feel like being active. Sports lovers like our Head of CRM Lilli find it great that we have the possibilities to do lunch runs or workouts on our terrace. And naturally, our products and features like the Runtastic Results workout creator are developed for people who face the same dilemma as Software Test Manager Vici, who considers herself “a bit too lazy to follow a rigorous training plan”.

Terrace at the Runtastic office

Our offer may help some people like Data Scientist Magdalena, who now finds more time to work out thanks to her more organized schedule. On the other hand, Talent Scout Anna, who is a huge fan of outdoor sports is actually working out less since she started working with us, due to a busier work life.

Just like we plan our careers differently, we view fitness and a healthy lifestyle differently. While some of us do not care about our nutrition / fitness at all or do not consider ourselves sporty, others try to get in shape at some point to lose a bit of weight.

Yoga at the Runtastic office

Apart from our fitness levels, we set different health goals. Babsi, our HR Manager who works out 4 to 5 times per week, loves that she fell in love with yoga when she started working here. UIX Designer Martina is truly proud that she has outgrown a few of her t-shirts because she developed arm muscles due to Push-Up Thursdays; her colleague Ana is always highly motivated to improve her performance. And iOS Developer Dominik has improved his time for a 6k run from 32 to 24 minutes within four years.

4. We are a great representation of the Runtastic target group

It’s that simple – we are just like our users. From couch potato to marathon runner, our company benefits and our product portfolio try to accommodate as many needs as possible, and also consider the valuable feedback when tinkering with new products and features.

While not-so-active Georg tracks his food regularly, sporty Babsi does not consider herself disciplined enough; while Android Developer Valentin runs more than before joining Runtastic (and now even completes marathons), his iOS colleague Adam found out that running is not really his cup of tea; and while many of us have at least tried a few new activities, just as many would not consider themselves sporty, just like our humble Language Specialist Todd.

Runtastics love to spend time working on the terrace

In the end, your fitness level and your healthy lifestyle don’t matter when working at Runtastic. And, as Operations Engineer Niko perfectly summarizes, “Don’t be afraid to start working at Runtastic if you’re not sporty. See it as a chance to get motivated to do something for your body and health!”



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