5K Training Plan: Prepare for Race Day

The 5k Training Plan by adidas Runtastic will help you build the consistency and mindset you need to successfully complete a 5k race based on your personal time goal.

Whether you want to speed through it and set a personal best, recover from an injury, or build a new fitness habit, this plan is the perfect guide. 

adidas Runtastic Running Training Plan: 5K Race Prep adidas Runtastic Running Training Plan: 5K Race Prep

How the Running Plan is Structured 

The 5K Training Plan is a holistic running program based on four pillars: nutrition, mindset, movement and recovery. You’ll receive some quick guidance on setting laser-focused goals to get you in the right mindset for training for a 5k. You’ll also get some easy-to-follow tips on how to make sure your nutrition complements your training.

This running program is separated into two phases. Phase one helps you establish a routine, and phase two will push you to increase the effort. Each phase lasts three weeks and includes both strength training and running workouts with plenty of time for recovery. Every workout you do will begin with a warm-up to prepare your body for exercise and end with a cool down and recovery. 

Prep for Your Program 

A pre-race warm-up is critical to running and training for a 5k. Professional athletes will tell you: the last thing you want to do is try something new before a race, so building a warm-up into each and every workout session is important. 

Cool Down Video 

Recovery is where all the magic happens and your body reaps the benefits of your training. Your muscles are warm and pliable, so stretching at this point has a significant impact. Use this cool down video to recover after your training sessions, and don’t forget to stretch after you cross the finish line


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