Habit Builder Plan – Build a Regular and Sustainable Running Habit

Sticking to a regular fitness routine can be difficult, and we all fall into less-than-healthy patterns from time to time. If you’d like to build good habits and create a regular, sustainable workout routine, this training plan is the perfect fit. 

The adidas Runtastic Habit Builder Training Plan will get you back on track to making health and fitness a more regular part of your weekly routine. By building up slowly with this structured training plan, you’ll be more likely to ensure your new habits actually stick

adidas Runtastic Free Running Training Plan: Habit Builder adidas Runtastic Free Running Training Plan: Habit Builder

How the Plan is Structured

The Habit Builder Training Plan is a holistic running program based on four pillars: nutrition, mindset, movement and recovery. You’ll receive some quick, easy-to-follow guidance on getting into the right mindset  as well as how to monitor your nutrition. The plan is separated into two phases. The first phase will help you get used to your new routine, and you will amp up the effort in phase two. Each phase lasts three weeks and includes both strength training and running sessions–with adequate time for recovery, of course. Every workout you do will start with a warm-up to prep your body for exercise and finish with a recovery session. 

Prep For Your Workout

Warming up your body before a workout is key–it even helps improve your running performance! Give yourself a few minutes to get your body and mind in the right mindset during a quick warm up. 

(Don’t Skip the) Cool-down Video!

Stretching your body while your muscles are warm is critical to preventing injury. But you can also use this time to congratulate yourself on a job well done, and the positive reinforcement you give yourself will help ensure that you come back again for another workout! 


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