Well-being Training Plan – Add Running to Your Routine

Fitness is such an important part of maintaining a healthy mind and body. It helps you to better manage your stress and can even help you live longer. Running, in particular, is a workout you can do that doesn’t take a lot of preparation or fancy equipment. It’s relatively easy to fit it into your weekly routine.

The adidas Runtastic Well-being Training Plan is the perfect running program for people who are looking to add a little more fitness into their schedule as part of a balanced lifestyle. 

adidas Runtastic Running Training Plan: Well-Being Plan adidas Runtastic Running Training Plan: Well-Being Plan

How the Plan is Structured

Our Well-Being Training Plan is a holistic program based on four pillars: nutrition, mindset, movement and recovery. You will start by doing a quick self reflection to help you get into the right mindset. You will also receive some instruction around a new, easy approach to monitoring your nutrition. The plan is separated into two phases. The first phase will help you get used to your new routine, and in phase two you will amp up the effort. Each phase lasts three weeks and includes both strength training and running sessions – with adequate time for recovery, of course. Every workout you do will start with a warm-up to prep your body for exercise and end with a recovery session. 

Prep for Your Workout 

Warm up your body with a dynamic stretching routine to get the most out of your run (pssst! static warm-ups aren’t actually that great for you pre-run). A warm up also helps you get in the right mindset to focus on yourself and let go of whatever else might be on your mind. 

Cool Down to Keep the Benefits of Your Workout

Thinking about skipping your cool down? That’s one of the things you should never do after a workout! Your cool down stretch is such an important part of preventing injury and repairing your muscles after a run. Use the video below to quickly and effectively stretch after completing a training plan day. 


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