Miss Austria Tanja Duhovich and Olympic champion Dieter Baumann LIVE with runtastic

Despite the bad weather at the weekend runtastic was represented at two well known running events, namely at the ASICS Grand 10 Berlin and at the Vienna Night Run.

Olympic champion and running coach Dieter Baumann took part in the ASICS Grand 10 Berlin. Former Miss Austria and Miss Vienna Tanja Duhovich started at the Vienna Night Run for a good cause. Both were not running alone but were accompanied by the runtastic PRO app and numerous fans.

One of the hugest 10-km running events took part in Germany on Sunday. More than 7000 runners from more than 27 nations started at this event. Including Dieter Baumann, who was accompanied over the entire distance by runtastic. Dieter completed the distance of 10 kilometers in 31:54 minutes. Some take the opportunity to compare themselves with the performance of Baumann, they took the results with humor, as Baumann was with an average pace of about 3 minutes per kilometer almost twice as fast as most amateur runners.

Another running event, namely the Vienna Night Run was took place for the fifth time on Saturday, 8 October 2011 in Vienna. Per participant 6 € were donated to the charity organisation “Licht ins Dunkel” to finance eye operations in the world’s poorest countries. Tanja’s performance in the 5-km run is not to be despised. She ran the distance with an average pace of 5.22 minutes per kilometer.

Look here for the performances:

Run of Tanja Duhovich

Run of Dieter Baumann

A special thanks to all fans for the cheerings!


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