Balancing Career and Family at Runtastic

Kids day at Runtastic

by Human Relations Team

The number of Runtastics is growing. Not only within the team (yes, we are still hiring), but in our employees’ families, too. That’s not really surprising, considering that the majority of Runtastics are between 25 and 35 years old and thus at an age when many people start a family. Believe it or not, we have almost 70 Runtastic kids at this point! Of course, we are delighted by every new addition to the family, but at the same time it poses challenges for us. How do we as a company deal with these challenges and how do our Runtastic parents juggle family and career?

Woman with a child

Believe it or not, we have almost 70 Runtastic kids at this point!

Embrace flexibility and constant change

This is one of our core values, which also applies perfectly to the topic of work-life balance.

Our flexible working hours make it easier for Runtastic parents to balance their responsibilities at home and at work. Everyone’s family is different; that’s why we try to find individual working-hour models that suit our Runtastic parents’ needs. Mostly that means some kind of part-time model and/or home office possibilities. Not only our Runtastic moms, but also a lot of our Runtastic dads want to spend precious quality time with their little ones, too – that’s why they make use of the so-called “Papa-Monat” (which is when dads in Austria can take one month off to take care of their little ones) or take parental leave. From an organizational standpoint, this is tricky, but at Runtastic, we accept that challenge. This is our way of trying to make it possible for all parents to have a long career with us.

Children at Runtastic

Of course, the environment is only half the story, for what good are flexible working hours if you are plagued by a guilty conscience on a daily basis? That is why we are very understanding about family emergencies, doctor’s appointments, and the like within the team.

Woman doing a splits

Bianca, mistress of balancing work & family
(she doesn’t work at Runtastic; she is Peter’s (one of our infrastructure engineers) wife)

Celebrating families

We are always looking for excuses to celebrate, which is why we try to get all our Runtastic families together on a regular basis for Kids Play Day. While the kids play together, the parents can get to know each other – which means a great afternoon for everyone. It’s a great opportunity to socialize, especially for our internationals, who relocated to Austria with their families.

Enjoying the benefits of a family-friendly country like Austria

What Austrians tend to forget about is that we live in one of the most family-friendly nations in the world. 25 days of vacation, two years of parental leave, and child benefits are as natural to people here as the safe environment they live in with lots of public parks and green spaces.

Balancing career and family is definitely not easy – but flexible working-hour models, a supportive and understanding team, as well as living in a family-friendly country make it easier to handle. And in the end, all moms and dads out there agree that a smile on their children’s faces is the greatest reward.



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