Best Post-Workout Meal: What Our Users Say

We get this question a lot: What should I eat after my workout? And what a valid question it is. What you eat after your workout is critical to helping you repair that muscle tissue and reach your goals. So, instead of giving you our inputs – we went to our amazing Runtastic Ambassadors.

Here’s our Runtastic Ambassadors’ favorite post-workout meals:

Sabrina @runningbrina


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You can find me running all over New York City! And after a long run, usually around Central Park (my absolute favorite place to run in NYC), I love having a fresh green smoothie! I don’t make it very complicated, I just add one scoop of whey protein into a green juice and shake it up. It’s so refreshing and fuels the empty tanks right away.

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Khalfani @kahfawknee

Washington D.C.

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I usually incorporate moderate runs with some lifting which has always been my go-to formula for the full-body beatdown. My favorite post-workout meal usually consists of smoked turkey, sunflower seeds and fruit. The turkey serves as my protein and I swear the salts, fats and sugars from the seeds and fruit save my life! Whichever way you choose to burn, be sure to listen to your body. You will definitely crave things that supply the nutrients you lost during your workout.

Bill @wbrent01

Allentown, PA

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My go-to workout is running outside: trail, road, even a track (no treadmill workouts for this guy). I enjoy the freedom and the time I get to think, but also the ability to make it a group activity. After a hard run, my favorite post-workout meal is an ice-cold superfood protein shake with a frozen banana and almond milk. I used a plant-based superfood and protein blend that makes me feel satiated and refuels my muscles. The banana adds that chilled refreshing sensation to cool me down and the almond milk is light and easy on my tummy!

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Anela @nellyslife_

Miami, FL

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I love doing strength training with weights or with my own bodyweight with the Runtastic Results App. When it comes to post-workout meals, I like to keep it quick and easy. That’s why I usually drink an unflavored protein shake with a banana, half almond milk, half water and a little bit of peanut butter to feed my muscles after a strenuous strength workout.

Jacee @jacee_runtastic

Phoenix, AZ

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After a workout, I tend to shy away from foods that are too heavy or dense. For me, the best foods are either an apple or banana with peanut butter or a hard-boiled egg. If I know my protein intake is low for the day, then I will opt for a protein shake instead and throw in some fruits and veggies for some extra fiber.

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Hopefully, you found some post-workout meal inspiration from our Ambassadors. As you can see, the common theme is protein, fast-absorbing carbohydrates and a little bit of healthy fat! Do you have a favorite post-workout meal? Share it in the comments below.


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